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Why Businesses Need Mobile Alert Systems

The emergency notification and alert systems that we know today are nothing like the systems of old. In the past, these said systems were used exclusively for two things: for outage reports and notifications by the IT team, and for crisis and disaster management messages from the HR or communications department.

Nowadays, these solutions can be used in a number of ways no one ever thought possible. Thanks to various developments in technology, the use of mass notification systems is not anymore limited to disaster reporting and outage issues. Now that mass notification solutions are more accessible and affordable, even small and medium sized business can deploy them and enjoy the benefits they bring. Technology has also ushered in the invention of different types and functionalities of notification systems, one of which is the mobile alert system. 

Benefits of the Mobile Alert Systems

The introduction of mobile phones and smartphones in the workplace scene has greatly improved many business processes. The use of these mobile gadgets has allowed the workforce more freedom, thereby making employees more engaged in their tasks.

It is this same concept that has encouraged the use of mobile gadgets – cellular phones, smartphones and even tablets – as a medium for alert and notification solutions. Everyone in the workplace has a mobile gadget or two, so why not use these gadgets to deliver alerts, notifications and important messages? With mobile alert systems, employees can now receive notifications wherever they may be – in the field, while meeting with a client, or while on the go. Let us look at three specific benefits an organization can get from deploying mobile notification solutions: 

1. Mobile alert solutions make your response team even more effective. The speed by which your incidence team moves to successfully lessen risks during times of disasters depends on the how tight and how quickly the message is communicated. Response teams that depend on email and voice communications are able to respond to disasters quickly, as the wait time for response is reduced from days to a matter of hours. The use of mobile alerts has reduced response times better – from hours to mere minutes. Through the use of mobile notifications, organizations can be better prepared for accidents and tragedies, reducing response times even further. 

2. Mobile notification systems are cost-effective, allowing businesses to enjoy more benefits for less cost. This is most true for employees out in the field who need to be notified for important news and information. Instead of spending exorbitant amounts for new communication hardware like walkie-talkies, companies can leverage the devices that the workers already have: their cellphones, smartphones, tablets and even their wearable gadgets. The only thing the organization needs to have are applications that will enable the mobile devices to receive the information being sent by the communications team, the management, the leadership department or the business owner. 

3. Mobile alert systems improve collaboration between teams in the organization. Collaboration involves the sharing of records, documents and other pertinent files. With other kinds of hardware like walkie-talkies, it would be impossible to share files with the alert messages. With smartphones, notification messages can include documents, URLs and even website links that can provide more information required to properly address specific needs. Applications installed in the mobile devices can even connect to cloud services, further enhancing collaboration.

These are just some of the many advantages mobile alert systems can provide. Contact DeskAlerts to learn more about how mobile notification systems can improve both your internal communications and your emergency and disaster response initiatives.

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