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Mobile Workforce Management Software: How To Choose One in 2024

mobile workforce management softwareManagement software for mobile workers is vital so that everyone in a company, no matter where they are, can be messaged or alerted when necessary.

Tracking, dispatching, customer and client relations, or disputes— can all be monitored through a mobile workforce management system.

Without it, directors would have a harder time getting information out to employees, who might be several miles or countries away from main headquarters.

A WFM mobile app can help with the effective flow of information and keep your company working as a unit— no matter the distance.

Table of contents

What is mobile workforce management (MWM)?

Mobile Workforce Software Options

What is the difference between Mobile Workforce Management and Field Service Management?

Factors to consider when choosing mobile workforce software

How DeskAlerts can help to manage mobile workforce

What is mobile workforce management (MWM)?

Mobile workforces are a group of employees who usually work outside of a central physical location.

A mobile worker's core job function happens outside of the office.

These can be delivery workers, independent contractors, on-site trainers, service providers, in-home healthcare providers, travel consultants, or trade workers.

This is different from remote workers whose jobs would otherwise take place in the office, but they are doing it elsewhere (like at home).

All mobile workforce employees should be connected by various forms of mobile technology—such as smartphones, computers, and other mobile devices.

Mobile workforce management refers to the tools and processes that are set in place to support mobile workers as they get their jobs done.

The overall goal of mobile workforce management solutions— is to empower employees by increasing their efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction throughout each shift.

Mobile Workforce Software Options

Companies with mobile employees in different time zones and across several continents will need efficient software that can send quick and urgent mobile messages when needed.

The best kind of software a company can use is an employee management mobile service application. A mobile app works best because that is what an employee will be carrying around with them throughout their workday— whether it's their phone or work tablet.

Urgent alerts and messages should be able to reach them whenever needed.

Some WFM software can be used as web apps or PC software—so employees and administrators can use their desktops too if needed or preferred.

A workforce management app should help directors to:

  • Track their employee’s hours and paid time off
  • Store paychecks available for easy download
  • Use virtual employee swap boards
  • Manage absences and overtime
  • Create schedules
  • Sign digital agreements
  • Track labor forecasting—which is where you can see the rises and drops in customer demands.

A good WFM software will do more than just let you virtually schedule employees.

What is the difference between Mobile Workforce Management and Field Service Management?

"Mobile worker" and "Fieldworker" are usually confused as the same thing.

However, field service is more specific to a certain skill set— while mobile work is a broader term.

Field service management is designed to support only traditional field service.

Commercial and industrial sites call on fieldworkers— who are usually technicians delivering skilled services of installing, maintaining, or repairing equipment or systems.

Power and gas companies would be considered field services.

Mobile workforce management is at a larger scale because it works for all other businesses—for example, food or package delivery.

The main goal of a mobile workforce manager:

  • To optimize scheduling.
  • To enhance the daily experience and execution of your mobile workforce.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Manage availability, skills, and job task completion.

The main goal of a field service manager:

  • Optimize operations that are related to installation, repairs, or maintenance of physical products your company owns or has sold.
  • Connecting your scheduling system to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software).
  • Inventory management

Whether your business is a field service or mobile workforce, you will need some type of management system to make sure your operations stay organized, scheduled, and maintained.

Decide which category your business falls into—then focus on how you can support your employees by using an efficient WFM system, to ensure that your customer service ratings are excellent.

Factors to consider when choosing mobile workforce software

  • Can you send urgent and important messages to everyone at once?
  • Do the mobile workforce management apps you are considering— track in-depth analytics, such as metrics on engagement, readership, popular content, and feedback?

How DeskAlerts can help to manage mobile workforce

One of the most important functions of a mobile workforce management software is to keep employees informed and allow employers to receive their feedback. Everyone must stay connected, no matter where they are at the moment.

If you have a mobile workforce and are looking for the best mobile workforce scheduling software— you can benefit greatly from the DeskAlerts options:

  • SMS sent via DeskAlerts: Text alerts will reach employees even without an internet connection— very helpful in emergencies.

The statistics tracking tool, allows employers to be aware of which employees are viewing the alerts or participating in the surveys— as well as, the employees that are ignoring corporate messages.

It can help you to improve your relationship and communicate with the employees that do not engage as often (or at all) with company notifications.

The employee statistics are date-marked and can be easily accessed through the DeskAlerts control panel.

The control panel records all data produced by users, including survey feedback and alerts.

The DeskAlerts Mobile Workforce Management App allows your employees to receive push notifications on their smartphones or tablets regarding the following:

  • Emergency alerts
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Video messages
  • Newsletters
  • Event RSVPs
  • And more!

Directors who use DeskAlerts can send any of these notifications via several channels simultaneously. More of these channels include desktop pop-ups, text messages (SMS), and mobile app notifications.


No matter what your business goals are, mobile workforce management can help you to achieve and apply them.

Prioritize employee engagement and set up efficient communication channels to support your staff. In turn, all your employees will be on the same page and your company - on the direct path to success.


What is mobile workforce management software?

This is a type of service that is used to manage employees working outside of company headquarters.

What does WFM software do?

It's a communication system that keeps all employees informed, empowered, and supported throughout every shift.

WFM software alerts employees of important information and helps administrators to track analytics and many more functions that allow a business to continue running smoothly.

Why do we need WFM?

If you want to have organized business operations and keep track of employee-to-customer inquiries or problems— a WFM system is extremely beneficial.

Workforce Management Systems allow directors to schedule important staff-related things ahead of time, so they can focus on new recruitments and employee satisfaction.

You can also make the best use of your staff's skills and time with a WFM system.

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