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SMS Alerts – How They Make a Difference in the Work Place

Working in the corporate world is a dream come true for most employees. It is quite hard to land a job in a corporate giant, which is why employees make sure they give it their best shot to serve the company that accepted them whole-heartedly. However, the pressure in the corporate world is very huge, too, and stress is always a part of an employee’s day at work. Tasks to complete, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend to, they have a lot of things in their to-do checklists that make them extend their working hours every day. And so the cycle goes—tons of work, pressure, stress, and then, burn out.

Employees feel burnout from time to time and that is normal. However, what’s not normal is when they don’t just feel tired but they also feel uncomfortable at work. That feeling of not being accepted or that they don’t feel they belong at work is a problem that needs to be settled.

Here are some situations when employees feel uneasy at work:

  • When their efforts are not appreciated
  • When their good job is not commended
  • When they feel like there is a huge change happening in the company that they know nothing about
  • When they are not-in-the-know
  • When the company does not give them the salaries and the benefits that they deserve
  • When they feel like the company doesn’t listen to them

Every employee needs to feel appreciated for the work that they do. Companies, on the other hand, should know how to make their employees feel they appreciate the hard work and commitment of their people. Thanks to software developer DeskAlerts, companies now can send their gratitude through SMS alerts.

DeskAlerts and Its Instant Messaging System

DeskAlerts, a software developer company, focuses on improving corporations, organizations and other institutions’ internal communications by providing solutions that uses effective instant messaging system. This system aims to send messages with crucial information at the shortest possible time, to as many recipients possible, with less effort and less costs.

Over the years, it has proven to be effective as more and more clients have trusted its desktop notification system. Big corporations such as Siemens, Farm Bureau Bank, Dedham Medical Associates, Oceaneering and Swiss Life have pledged testimonials on how DeskAlerts has improved their company’ internal communications.

Improving Employer-Employee Relationship

Employers can make use of DeskAlerts desktop notification system to send in random messages of appreciation to their employees. Through its different platforms such as desktop screensavers, desktop tickers, SMS alerts and email notifications, all employees will receive the messages one hundred percent, even if they are out of the office.

  • Random pop up notifications on their desktops will definitely make their day. Random messages such as “Keep up the good job” or “Thank you for your commitment!” will definitely make them feel appreciated.
  • Daily updates on how the company is going will keep them in-the-know. Receiving important information about changes or problems in the company through desktop alerts or email notifications will make the employees feel that the company cares enough to inform them about important matters. This will make them feel that they are not just mere employees of the corporation but rather stakeholders.
  • Sending SMS alerts after work hours as they are on their way home, commending them of a great job for the day will definitely take all the stress away. It may be a tough day at work but receiving random congratulatory and thank-you SMS alerts will make them realize that their hard work is being appreciated by the company.
  • Progress reports sent through email will also be appreciated by employees. Through email newsletters, they will also have the chance to know about the company’s finances, future plans and projects. Through this, employees will feel that they are working hand in hand with the company as they work together towards one goal.
  • Sending feedbacks and questions through the desktop notifications or SMS alerts will also allow employees to air their concerns. This will bridge the gap between the employers and the employees and will give the latter the voice in a seemingly giant corporation.

The people are always the company’s best asset for without the employees and staff, the vision and mission will never be achieved. Without manpower and production, there will be no sales, thus, no revenues. This is why employers should make sure that their employees are well-compensated, taken care of and appreciated.

With the help of DeskAlerts, the employees will feel more involved in the progress of the company, and they will feel more satisfied and confident about their stand in the corporation. Afterall, DeskAlerts promises a tighter internal communication between the employers and the employees.

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