Annual HR Activity Calendar For 2021. Free Download

Caroline Duncan - Dec 24, 2020 12:45:00 PM


It’s time to start thinking about your Human Resources calendar for the next 12 months and beyond with a new year almost upon us.

If last year taught us anything that you can’t possibly know many of the new initiatives, projects, and announcements that are on the horizon without a crystal ball, you can absolutely still get organized and plan the content and activities of your internal communications a great extent well in advance.

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The publishing, news and marketing industries use calendars to map out stories, messages, and other announcements well in advance. You can adopt this same principle with your HR calendar of events, never to miss or forget an important milestone or activity, and always ensure you have quality and relevant content you can deliver to your employees.

Creating a Human Resources calendar now will let you be more organized and more productive so you can concentrate on other tasks and communications campaigns as they come up. You can share your HR calendar of events widely with other areas of the organization so they can also prepare for any messaging they might like to send out, for example, end of financial year obligations or closures during holiday periods.

Without planning, a lot of communications can be left until the last minute. When there’s unexpected news, a crisis, or a rapidly changing situation, this can be understandable: you don’t always have all the facts or weren’t prepared for a sudden development. But a lot of events and activities on an annual HR activity calendar can be predicted in advance, and there’s no excuse to leave it until it’s too late to deal with. 

In fact, a lot of this content can be pre-written and scheduled well in advance so that it will be automatically sent to your employees at the right time and date via DeskAlerts.

Of course, you can always add to your HR calendar of events as the year progresses, and treating it as a living document will enable you to plan for milestones and key announcements in upcoming projects and initiatives.

We’ve made it easy to get started on your 2021 Human Resources calendar by creating a free downloadable HR calendar template that you can tailor to be suitable for your own organization’s activities to help you create your own plan.

You can also use it as an employee engagement calendar and an internal communications calendar.


Download free Human Resources Annual Planning Calendar for 2021:

Get Annual Planning Calendar


These are the topics included in our HR planning calendar :

⦁ Official holidays

⦁ Conferences (over 15 events)

⦁ Monthly tips for useful internal information sharing


This is what we recommend you add to this HR calendar template:

⦁ Regular training activities

⦁ Regular messaging that needs to be sent, such as planned outages, maintenance, software upgrades, and drills

⦁ Corporate events

⦁ Annual staff survey including reminders, results, and reports

⦁ Recurring events such as internal newsletters, meetings, townhalls, CEO addresses

⦁ Annual payroll, tax, end of financial year reminders

⦁ Cybersecurity reminders

COVID-19 topics to add to your 2021 Human Resources calendar

While a great deal of uncertainty and turmoil remains in the word as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some relevant HR calendar examples to schedule:

  • Return to work plans
  • Information about vaccinations
  • Mask policy
  • Social distance policy and protocols
  • What employees must do if they test positive to the virus
  • Hand washing and other hygiene instructions
  • Employee health and wellbeing programs
  • When employees must work from home.


We’ve even included a downloadable file that will automatically include the HR calendar of events as tasks in the Google calendar. 

Using this annual hr calendar template, you can plan all your events, map out your activities for 2021, and hit the ground running with effective and efficient information to share in the new year and beyond.


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