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The Four Must Have Mobile Alert Systems

Mobile Alert System are now widely used in mobile personal emergency response. As a mobile device this is not anchored on land-line compared to the traditional home devices, they have a cellular signal that allows a person to get in touch or communicate in any remote place provided that there is strong and stable cell signal. Throughout the years, mobile alert system has been incorporated in various medical alert systems. Because of such developments, patients and medical practitioners can choose from a variety of models depending on their price point preference, brand of choice or functionality.

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Before getting into today’s popular mobile alert system providers, it is best to review first some guidelines.

1. Read the terms and conditions

But the more popular choice is to go for monthly plans. These deals are based on monthly price plan and are not solely based on quarterly or annual contractual rates. The prices are also subject to changes even without prior notice. The best advised is to go through the terms and conditions and have all the items checked before signing up. This entails a lot of fact-checking back and forth but the benefits gained afterwards is far more redeeming. Just think about how much headache and hassle this will saved you if any complains or issues arise in the future!

2. Talk to the customer service department.

The best person to talk to for any inquiries or clarifications would be the customer service departments. They folks at the Customer Service Department are the best resource individuals to know more about the deals you are getting into, particularly the installed Mobile Alert System. Give yourself some time to write down all your queries prior to engaging with them on the phone. Also, it is best that you prepare case scenarios so you can seek their advice if such situation or circumstance prevail. Remember that depending on the type of plan you sign up for, you have the power to reduce the cost of the equipment or the monthly bills or even both. But this can be impossible for those with lengthier contracts, say a minimum of one year.

After getting yourself settled on the terms and conditions of your Mobile Alert System Service provider, it is time that you take a look at some of the newest and popular brands and models in the market today. We created a very brief review that are considered off the hook amongst the wide-selection of Mobile Alert System.

Walgreens Ready Response

Walgreens Ready Response has an automatic fall detection technology. The fall of the device triggers the mobile unit to call the monitoring center even without pressing any button. It is also equipped with GPS so attending emergency personnel can identify which is your exact location.

Medical Guardian

Very similar to a traditional-phone in unit expect that it has remote capabilities, Medical Guardian has GPS technology that allows the representative to provide location information to the emergency. Simply press the button in the device and you are directed to a medical representative. Traditional in-home version can only go as far as 400-foot range so mobile is the best way to go.

Life Alert

The complete protection plans in a sophisticated package that comes with standard alert buttons, base units, the mobile alert device that all works hand in hand to get in touch with the monitoring center even if you are away from home. Another interesting aspect of this is the built-in microphone unit in the device that gives a clearer correspondence with the representative from the monitoring center. With its long lasting battery of 10 years. You can also download the app for IOS and Android.

Rescue Alert 911

Inspired by 911, this device allows the user to contact directly the Rescue Alert team directly without getting into the monitoring center! It has similar features with the above mentioned devices yet the only difference lies with its Mobile Alert system which goes directly to the emergency or rescue response team. It is very easy to carry so definitely it’s a must to bring wherever and whenever.

These are the top of mind brands available in the market. Just take note of the things we’ve mentioned in choosing the right Mobile Alert System Provider for your needs.

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