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25 Thank You Message Samples For Employees (Free Download)


Recognizing the efforts of your employees is a small gesture that can have a huge impact. When you show your employees that they are valued and appreciated by sending a thank you message, you help to create a positive workplace culture

This in turn has a flow-on effect with higher levels of engagement, job satisfaction, boosted morale, and can help you to retain your top talent. And when your business has these things going for it, in turn, it can expect to be more productive and profitable than the competition.

However in many organizations, even though the efforts of staff are genuinely appreciated by management, the act of showing appreciation can be neglected.

No matter how busy you are, it doesn’t take long to send a few words of thanks to your best performing employees.  When you have DeskAlerts as your company alerting system, you can quickly and easily send messages of appreciation straight to an employee’s screen either as a pop-up notification, corporate screensaver, corporate wallpaper or scrolling ticker.  Or you can send the message of appreciation for that particular staff member to the entire company, or their team, so everyone can know what a great job they’ve done.

And to save you even more time, here are some message templates we’ve prepared that can help you get the ball rolling!

Download all 25 thank you message samples for free.

25 Thank You Message Samples


Samples of thank you message for employees:

  • Thank you [xx name] for your professionalism and dedication to [xx company]. Your hard work is a great demonstration of how our staff can be innovative and solve problems to contribute to the overall success of the company.
  • Thank you [xx name] for being an inspiration to all of your colleagues by [example of what they did]. Your efforts and dedication are appreciated.
  • I’d like to recognize the efforts of [xx name] who always demonstrates integrity and goes above and beyond to achieve within [xx company name].


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