A Portrait of the Ideal ICT Specialist

Caroline Duncan - Sep 22, 2017 5:04:48 PM

Having technical aptitude and an interest in working with computers are the obvious things you think of when determining if someone is an ideal candidate to be an ICT (information and communications technology) specialist in your organization. But to really shine and excel in an ICT role, there’s a lot more that’s required.

ICT Manager

The work of an ICT specialist will vary from organization to organization and from role to role.

In general, they are responsible for planning, coordinating and managing a range of ICT activities.

They work closely with internal or external clients to provide the right ICT equipment, knowledge, advice and support that is appropriate to the project or task that is being carried out.

This might include selecting and installing ICT resources, network management, user training or programming.

In order to carry out these duties well, an ideal ICT specialist will have the following skills and attributes:

· Highly developed communication and negotiation skills – This includes verbal communication, as well as the ability to write clearly and concisely in an easy-to-understand manner.

· The ability to develop productive relationships with clients – This is crucial to the success of ICT projects.

· Excellent analytical and problem solving skills – ICT professionals need to be able to solve problems in systemic and logical ways, but also to be creative and think outside the box to deliver innovative solutions to technical issues. For example, an ideal ICT worker might deliver a project to use DeskAlerts in their organization to solve internal communications problems.

· Excellent time management and organizational skills - In the ICT field, the ability to meet deadlines is essential.

· Good listening skills – A great ICT specialist listens to the needs of their client to produce a solution that works.

· Able to work either independently or within a team – ICT specialists can work solo or may need to work with others as part of large or small teams. When working as a team member, it’s important to take the needs of others on board.

· Adaptable – Technology changes so fast, but a good ICT professional will keep up-to-date with technological advances in hardware and software and adapt with it. Being adaptable is also important when it comes to working with different projects in different environments where working methods and preferences can vary widely.

· Sound attention to detail – Work needs to be checked thoroughly to avoid mistakes. Often the work that ICT specialists do needs to be highly accurate – especially if they are involved in a field such as programming or data entry.

· Is committed to ongoing learning - There’s no room to rest on your laurels as an ICT specialist. There’s always something new to learn, and new technologies and issues to keep up with.

· Shows leadership – Both within their team and within the extended organization, the ideal ICT specialist will be a leader, sharing their knowledge and offering guidance to others to set ICT standards within the company.

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