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Improve Internal Communications in the Service Industry

DeskAlerts Software is critical to professionals in the service industry. It is completely customizable and provides real-time communication solutions.

The Need for Better Internal Communications Tools in the Service Industry

The need for effective internal communication in the service industry today has never been greater. The call centers of service-oriented companies are the front-line areas of the business because they deal directly with the company’s clients or customers. Most of the time, the individuals calling these companies are frustrated or having problems with a product that they sold them and installed at their homes. This product now requires either preventative maintenance, replacement, or repairs. The customer usually wants this issue resolved quickly and to their satisfaction.

The Major Challenges with the Service Industry

Call center operations of service industry companies are facing two major challenges in a company’s overall operations today. The first challenge deals with the extremely limited access to company e-mails that many service industry employees suffer with while the second involves communication with the client or customer. Where internal communications are concerned, this clearly poses a major problem for both parties the service techs and the client or customer.

Many service industry techs do not have the e-mail access they need to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. This leads to two very significant problems.

  • Non e-mail internal communications channels are typically paper-based, which is very demanding on company resources as well as extremely time consuming for those employees that need to be out in the field. This usually means that managers or supervisors are continually bombarding service techs with paper communications.
  • Another of the more common ways that managers or supervisors have for passing on important information is by conducting meetings all the time, which results in expensive down time and lower productivity levels. When you consider that techs are being paid per job in most cases, this takes money out of their pockets.

support desktop scrolling notification

The second major challenge involves poor external and internal communication where the customer is concerned. Granted, a majority of this is verbal and over the phone. However, using network messaging to improve communication in these areas has greatly benefited many service companies today. Internal communications to service techs can be delivered quicker without the paper overload and the tech is able to respond to the needs of the customer much quicker.

Which Internal Communications Needs DeskAlerts Addresses?

In order to improve internal communications in service industry operations, there are specific needs that must be addressed. The goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs as promptly as possible. Desktop alerts, messages and scrolling information feeds have proven to be a cost-effective and efficient solution to these particular challenges for the service techs mentioned above.

DeskAlerts network messaging reaches service industry technicians in an efficient and timely manner, which helps to improve the type of internal communication that was seriously lacking prior to implementing that type of communication system. In so doing, important communications such as company policy changes, emergency after-hours call communications, and service procedures updates for new or current customers are conveyed as quickly as possible.

Internal Communications Improvement Requires Planning, which can be easily archived when using DeskAlerts

A considerable amount of planning is required in order to develop better, more effective internal communications in most service industry companies. Planning plays a significant role in the overall communication strategy so there are specific operations that will need to be isolated in order to use them and match them to certain employees in the company. These internal communication goals will vary from one corporation to the next. However, in most cases, innovative forms of digital communication are becoming more commonplace.

DeskAlerts: The Benefits of Effective Internal Communication

DeskAlerts network messaging results in effective internal communications, which provides companies with a number of benefits by positively impacting their problem-solving capabilities. According to several management resource sites, internal communications infrastructure should focus on a number of pre-defined methods for discussing current issues and solving problems between all employees and upper management. The benefits that companies will experience include:

  • Better dialog between management, customer call centers and service techs
  • Company workforces can address problems and then resolve them before they reach crisis proportions/li>
  • Developing better problem-solving solutions for service calls

Another benefit is that the atmosphere within the workplace can be greatly enhanced with better internal communication as well. When employees feel like they are better informed they will usually be more productive and there will be fewer customer complaints. Additionally, management feels like they are better informed about the progress employees are making.

campus alert desktop internal communication

Why Choose DeskAlerts Network Messaging Applications

DeskAlerts network messaging applications are designed and developed to meet the needs of service industry operations, and the technician’s performance, as well as meeting the needs of the client or customer satisfactorily most of the time. Critical, need-to-know information is put in front of the service techs so that they can respond to a call promptly. This not only increases customer satisfaction levels and reduces the number of complaints they receive, it improves internal communications, which enhances the company’s image.


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