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DeskAlerts: a Solution for International Companies

International companies need effective internal communication practices in place in order to share knowledge. When communications break down, organizations falter and become inefficient.



Globalization has seen many companies expand into the international market in order to remain competitive, which means this issue is becoming increasingly common.

The result is that many people from different cultures are now having to work together.

It’s possible to have staff located in just a few countries, or dozens of countries. No matter what the unique mix is for your organization, the guiding principle remains that you need to communicate effectively and efficiently.

A great tool for communicating in a multinational organization is DeskAlerts. This software is an internal communications solution that has several practical uses that will help you share information with your employees, no matter where they are located on the globe.

The primary function of DeskAlerts is to send messages to your staff in the form of a pop-up window that appears on their PC desktops. The messages appear in a way that can’t be ignored or minimized and can be sent even if the computers are locked or on screensaver mode.

DeskAlerts can be used to communicate your most important corporate information, drive staff to content that exists on your intranet site or enterprize social media accounts, send newsletters, send reminders, deliver video content and even alert them to emergency situations.

When it comes to communicating with your employees based in different locations around the globe, the following DeskAlerts features are extremely useful:

Automation: DeskAlerts can be scheduled in advance to be sent at a specific time. This is particularly useful when you have staff working in different time zones. Communicate with them during regular office hours in their location, not when they are in bed sleeping!

Language: DeskAlerts supports six common languages - English, Spanish, French, Portugal, and Korean.

Targeting: Frequently, you will have messages that aren’t appropriate for the entire organization to see – they might be region or country focused.

With DeskAlerts you can end your messages to segmented audiences. For example you can communicate with staff who are based in one particular office, one country, one time zone and so on.

Surveys, quizzes and polls: Two-way communication is a very important aspect of successful internal communication in a global organization. DeskAlerts will let you get feedback from staff instantly through its surveys, quizzes and polls modules.

Customization: You can customize your DeskAlerts templates in line with your corporate branding. This is important for ensuring your image is consistent when communicating with staff globally.

Video: Video is a great way to communicate within a multinational organization, particularly as some cultures prefer face-to-face communication, and in-person is not always possible due to distance. With DeskAlerts you can easily send video content in a variety of formats, straight to your employees’ computers.

Measurement: DeskAlerts has measurement tools built in that let you easily see your metrics to determine the reach of your messages.

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