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Manager And Employee Communication

Employee communication greatly affects the success or failure of any business. Organizations could lose millions of dollars every year because of ineffective communication between managers and employees. As such, organizations need to ensure that their management communicates effectively with their staff.

There are numerous benefits if an organization has an effective manager and employee communication. Ultimately, the benefit goes to the customer as satisfied employees are positive and produce satisfied customers. If the employees have problems communicating with the management, their anxiety shows in the way they perform their job which greatly results in an ineffective communication with customers and an unsatisfactory customer experience.

Guidelines to effective manager and employee communication

The best managers are the leaders who care for their employees. They are genuinely interested in them and their lives. They know and understand that to make them engaged is to personally make them perform their best. Managers who show their employees that their investment is beyond the workplace gain the trust and respect of the employees.

Managers work through the development of the organization's products and services. It is a must that they share their passion with them in various ways that they can. To effectively do this, they can show employees that they really care about the organization's brand and that they are not there just for the money or power. These managers show that they love the company and have faith in what it does. They believe in their employees' abilities and skills. The result will be employees who follow how their managers feel and think especially if they feel that these managers are worthy of their respect.

One way to be courteous is to learn the act of listening. It is not only getting the information but also understanding how these concerns affect the employees. Effective manager ask employees for their feedback and suggestions. They find ways to get them to respond to an employee engagement survey questionnaire. They want to learn more about them by analyzing their feedback and show them they care about how they have responded, their concerns, and these managers want to try their best to address the issues to make the workplace a better place for everybody and to help the organization succeed in its goals.

Recognition greatly impacts an employee's engagement level. A manager who consistently acknowledge employees' good deeds, successes and achievements produces engaged employees. When employees feel that they are valued, they become more motivated to engage themselves in the concerns of the organization.

To create an effective manager and employee communication, it is a must that managers radiate positivity. Positive mindset and emotions can lead to engaged employees. It is essential that managers are be aware of how they affect people they talk to. They need to increase their sensitivity to their feelings and see if the latest communication left them inspired or disheartened over something. Managers need to be honest and open about it and try to settle differences positively.

When conflict arises, effective managers learn how to acknowledge and apologize when they have done something wrong. Regardless of the situation, they try to maintain an open and honest communication to gain respect, credibility and trust from the employees. An effective manager and employee communication is based on these traits -- respect and trust.

Managers need to mark their word and keep their nonverbal language consistent with their word. By doing these things, they can show their credibility in front of their employees and other people they communicate with. When they say something, they back it up with action. They communicate the plan and work on making them real. If they say that they are working on more employee benefits, they show them that they are working on strategies to help achieve the goals.

Effective managers need to conduct one-on-one meetings as well as group meetings to enhance manager and employee communication. They establish an open-door policy that shows they are accessible to listen to their concerns. A regular update memo is effective to keep everyone in the same page with all the announcements and deadlines that employees need to know and be reminded of. During meetings, there may be a need to put everything in writing. In important matters such as a discussion of a salary adjustment, a written statement should follow it up. The document outlines the terms of the change in salary. This greatly ensures that both manager and employee have understood the terms in the same way.

An effective manager and employee communication is powerful in creating a successful organization. While an ineffective communication between manager and employees can hinder the organization's success, an effective communication between management and staff can boost workplace productivity as the employees' engagement are increased. As a result, their enthusiasm shows in the way they perform their job and in the way they deal with the customers. The utmost benefit is an improved customer satisfaction that results in repetitive purchases as they patronize the company's products and services more. They are also effective in preaching the company's effective services to their friends making them effective marketers of the organizations.

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