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Alert Software is an Ideal Communications Solution for Corporate Firms

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 11:59:07 AM

Alert Software is an Ideal Communications Solution for Corporate Firms

DeskAlerts Alert Software gives corporations an edge in fast communication of critical information using targeted emails, SMS, and desktop alerts.

Corporate success involves ensuring effective communication among CEOs, managers and various staff departments. DeskAlerts alert software solves communication problems by rapidly and simultaneously delivering information via desktop alerts, SMS and targeted emails. Informed employees have a better understanding of the company, resulting in greater job satisfaction and productivity.

DeskAlerts is an alert software ideally suited for corporate firms.

  • Distribution of general emails can be problematic and result in decreased productivity. Checking emails takes time, employees may not be able sort through every single message, and important information can be lost. Desktop tickers and SMS messages allow information to be distributed quickly without interfering with work.
  • When email messages are sent, the notification software provided by DeskAlerts ensures that they are targeted to specific departments and employees. By not having to sort through emails unrelated to their departments, productivity is increased while frustration is decreased.
  • Screensaver messages can be used to communicate fast and important updates within the organization.
  • Video messages can be delivered through desktop alerts to increase visibility and familiarity with senior managers and CEOs. Employees are better able to associate a face with a name and more likely to have positive attitudes about the company.
  • Surveys and online forums can be used to gather feedback on employee satisfaction, allowing managers to make improvements within the company.
  • Educational hyperlinks that direct employees to internet resources can be embedded in scrolling news feeds, desktop alerts, internal newsletters and sequencing screensaver messages.
  • Employees have instant access to developments in company regulations, policies and standards.
  • DeskAlerts alert software ensures that messages are opened and read to completion

DeskAlerts reporting tools allow administrators to see which messages have been unopened or deleted. The message can then be resent repeatedly until it is read completely.
employee communications daily dispatch

  • Because information is so readily available, employees will be better prepared when attending company meetings. Team meetings are more efficient and matters that are more crucial can be discussed.
  • Alert software can be used to inform staff of company events such as meetings, health fairs or office parties.

Internal marketing is improved because staff is better educated about current projects and sales.

  • Desktop tickers and quizzes and screensaver messaging channels educate staff about new marketing developments.
  • When employees are more informed about the company's marketing goals and products, they can communicate this information to customers more accurately and confidently. This results in more sales and better customer service.
  • Sales teams can receive urgent information on any products and have the latest information available for customers.
  • Surveys and interactive helpdesks provide customers better access to support and company information, increasing customer satisfaction.

Alert software improves communication between human resources and employees in other departments.

desktop scrolling notification hr

  • Employees have instant access to information and developments regarding their benefits.
  • Relevant information is specifically targeted to individual employees. Younger employees may be interested in receiving information about training and mentoring programs, where long-time employees may be more concerned with retirement packages.
  • Wellness programs can be promoted by keeping employees updated on events such as health fares and bio screenings. Important health reminders, such as good hygiene and the importance of exercise can be delivered to employees via screensavers and desktop tickers.

Customer service representatives can provide the latest information to customers, increasing satisfaction and retention.
screensaver messaging internal communication tool

  • SMS messages and brief desktop tickers allow representatives to have immediate access to information without taking unnecessary time from answering phones and assisting customers.
  • Having ready answers to questions reduces the frustration of both customers and representatives. Customers spend less time waiting on hold and representatives can answer questions quickly and with confidence.

Corporations can use DeskAlerts alert software to assist the IT department and improve service.

  • IT departments are busy, and receiving short messages via the desktop reduces the need for sorting through irrelevant email.
  • SMS effectively provides the IT department with immediate information on technology problems, even when they are away from their desks.
  • Surveys and online forums can be used to help the IT department gain feedback from other employees and different departments.
  • Messages of how the IT department benefits the company can be delivered via desktop tickers and screensavers to other departments.
  • The IT department can more effectively communicate to other staff technological developments such as service changes, technology upgrades, internet security policies, compliance education, virus announcements, training opportunities, and help/support channels.
  • Specific messages can target staff in other departments who have attended IT training programs.
  • Online helpdesks allow staff in other departments to find answers to questions about any technology problems they may be experiencing. The IT department will not have to repeat answers concerning the same questions and can spend their time working on more pressing technological concerns.

Alert software by DeskAlerts allows information to be distributed reliably and efficiently.

Communicate Faster and More Effectively with DeskAlerts Alert Software.

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