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Will DeskAlerts Work with Your CRM?

And the answer is YES!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an essential part of modern business for many companies. This software enables a business to track and analyze all the interactions it has with its existing customers, stakeholders and leads.

DeskAlerts integrates with CRM

The benefits of using a CRM include being able to see who has previously had an interaction with a customer and what advice they gave, how often you have contacted specific customers so you can avoid stakeholder fatigue, following up leads, handling complaints, reporting on sales, identifying issues and tracing problems that could affect your company’s revenue, passing on feedback and identifying opportunities for business.

Implementing a CRM is increasingly becoming best practice across many industries. It helps businesses run more efficiently and thus be more profitable. It helps to improve customer service and give a business an advantage over its competitors who are not using a CRM.

You can make your company’s CRM software even more powerful when you pair it with DeskAlerts, an innovative internal communications software solution that is being used my many organizations around the globe to reach their employees with important information quickly.

DeskAlerts works by sending pop-up notifications straight to employees’ desktop computer screens, bypassing the email system which has become an increasingly unreliable communication channel.  Messages appear regardless of what software application the employee is using at the time, and will also appear if the computer is locked, on standby or in screensaver mode. The messages cannot be ignored, skipped or minimized giving the sender peace of mind that their information has been received and seen.

Messages can be sent to an entire organization, to custom groups such as specific work teams, or to individuals.

DeskAlerts can be deployed in your organization straight out of the box, or you can work with the team of software professionals to develop and implement a custom solution for your workplace… including by integrating it with your company’s CRM.

DeskAlerts can be integrated with virtually any internal software to meet specific business requirements. The team at DeskAlerts can offer extensive custom add-ons to make these two systems “speak’ to one another via the API.

So when your CRM system sends automatic email notifications to your employees about emerging issues, or assigning follow-up responsibility to specific or individual staff members, you are relying on the nature of email to not let you down. Unfortunately when employees receive hundreds of emails per day it is very easy to miss one...and missing one could have negative impacts for your customers, your relationships, your brand and your revenue.

When you integrate your CRM with DeskAlerts, the notifications will be very obvious on everyone’s screens, and you can send to the entire team or just an individual.

To get more information read DESKALERTS JSON API GUIDE

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