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How to Boost Employee Engagement with DeskAlerts

Engaged employees help their organizations to succeed. The most engaged employees will go above and beyond to invest time, effort and initiatives to contribute to successful outcomes for the business.

boost employee engagement

An engaged employee will feel they have a sense of purpose with their role and bring with them passion, energy and enthusiasm. Not only are they more motivated, hey are typically high performers who produce better results for both the business and its customers.

There are several ways to improve engagement in your company.

Starting at the top, having inspiring leadership from the CEO down to senior managers is the first step to being able to engage your employees. Your management team needs to be able to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Management also needs to take a genuine interest in staff members – engaging them in two-way conversations and making them feel valued.

Employees are also more likely to be engaged when they clearly understand the goals and visions of the company and understand how their role within the organization helps contribute to this. To that end, having meaningful work that staff feel is important and has value helps to boost engagement.

Engaged employees also feel valued when shown in other ways, such as career development, training and education opportunities, reward and recognition programs and opportunities for advancement within the company.

If you want to improve employee engagement, the first step is to determine exactly what the lie of the land is. To do this you should survey your employees to get feedback so you can find out how they feel about the company and their role in it.

DeskAlerts can help. DeskAlerts is a powerful internal communications solution that lets you send messages straight to the desktops of every single one of your employees. Your messages will be sent to computers no matter what software application the staff member is using at the time, and can even show up if a computer is on screen saver mode.

The DeskAlerts pop-up can be sent to the entire organization, or you can target specific employees, for example those who work in one particular geographic area. It’s sent to staff in a way that cannot be ignored or minimized. Unlike emails, you can be certain that your staff have seen the message and it hasn’t gotten buried in an inbox.

DeskAlerts has a module that will allow you to quickly and easily create employee engagement surveys which you can push out to your staff as they are sitting at their desks and start to see results in real time.

You can also use DeskAlerts for improved internal communications by using it to send important information to staff, or to prompt them to look at information om the company’s intranet, which can help to boost employee engagement. You can even use it to help deliver training and education programs to staff.

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