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Five Ideas on How to Make Company Internal Newsletter More Engaging

An internal newsletter is one of the more traditional and proven ways of keeping employees informed and inspired. Through the years, corporate communicators have devised of techniques to make a company internal newsletter more engaging such as putting up an intranet version. The changing dynamics in the workplace demand that the corporate communications group consistently think of more ways to make their newsletter more appealing to employees.

Company internal newsletter should never be perceived as a mere communications tool. It can also motivate employees, as they are kept in the loop about company activities, policies, aside from new product offerings and services. When done right, it can be an effective tool in creating a sense of togetherness in the organization.

Here are some of the ways to make a company internal newsletter more engaging to employees:

1. Create content for them

Content in an internal newsletter should be about employees, and the things that they are interested in. It shouldn’t be about the things that management wants its employees to care or mind about.

Corporate communicators should realize that a company internal newsletter is not a propaganda piece. It’s not about the leadership, rather, it should be about the employees.

Articles about promotion and hiring are encouraged. News that impact employees like new company products, which they will be selling, should be featured as well.

Featuring employees outside the workplace can be another way to make an internal newsletter interesting to its target readers.

2. Keep the tone conversational

Corporate communicators would want their readers to enjoy reading their newsletter. Thus it is only reasonable that the tone of the articles is friendly and conversational. It should not preach; instead it should tell a story.

Writers and editors must think of their busy readers. They are unlikely to spend an hour or so reading kilometric articles, and stories full of buzzwords. As such, the newsletter should be written in plain English.

3. Keep it short

Newsletters should be around four to eight pages. A newsletter with more than eight pages could end up in the trash bin. Because people will likely read it during their spare time at work, the articles in a newsletter should be short and succinct. Employees are also likely to be interrupted several times while reading, which further makes the need for shorter articles necessary.

4. Consistency

Corporate communicators should aim to make reading of the company internal newsletter a habit among their colleagues. They can do so by achieving consistency, from the design to the content of the newsletter.

The ideal company newsletter should be presented like a real newspaper, where readers know where their favorite sections are placed so they can quickly flip to it.

The frequency of the newsletter must also be consistent. Coming out with a monthly newspaper is recommended because it keeps the employees informed but not overwhelmed by company news.

5. Present appropriate news in other channels

Another way to make a company internal newsletter more exciting for its readers is to share some of its content on other communication tools like desktop alert systems. Corporate communicators can experiment by using certain sections of the newsletter as corporate desktop screensaver or background. This should intrigue the employees about the current issue of the newsletter and make them read the publication.

The bottom line is that the company internal newsletter is a feel-good platform. It must never be perceived by employees as a tool by the management for propaganda. Following the aforementioned tips should make any company newsletter more engaging and appealing to the employees.

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