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Connecting and Engaging in the 21st Century: Effective Business Communication Solutions for Your Office

Working in the 21st century has never been more tedious yet convenient at the same time. People can work from home while still delivering more projects, collaborate with multinational groups to produce world-class ideas but suffer from the abundance of files and ideas coming from all sides, and use best-in-class technology but encounter a lot of lag that makes work inefficient.

In these situations, business communication solutions can come in handy. To further increase efficiency across the board, be productive wherever the employees are, lessen the back and forth of approval, simplify IT management, and find user-friendly solutions, it has become pertinent for businesses to implement online processes that improves communication within and across organizations.

If your business is still struggling from the abovementioned problems, here are five business communication solutions that you can get started with today.

Group Messaging Mobile Applications

Group messengers allow you to send memos, announcements, or greetings to everyone in your office without the hassle of going through their contact information single handedly. This can also produce a sense of belongingness among your members, and improve everyone’s dynamics with each other, helping make working relationships more harmonious since their interactions are not just limited to face to face.

File Sharing

Have you ever encountered uploading videos and photos on your email for hours only to receive an annoying message afterwards that says you have no sufficient space?

The chief benefit for file sharing is that it enables the easy transfer of large amounts of data. From extensive written documents, to audiovisual content, the need to share large files arises in many business environments, and in many cases, basic email will not get the job done.

Another use is for general storage and sending of company protocols, and business document formats. A person can have instant access to files that would have been previously difficult to obtain. Instead of sending these necessary files to each new employee, a file sharing link would save more time. This is one of the most important business communication solutions in this information era.

Online Voice Chat

Voice Over Internet Protocol services allow you to use your internet connection to make regular calls, without its expense. Online Voice Chats can potentially lessen your organization’s overhead cost since it is generally cheaper and easier to maintain as compared to traditional circuit switched telephone systems. This is particularly useful if your business works with clients or employees abroad.

Issue Tracking / Ticketing Software

An Issue tracking software is one of the best internal communications that systematically addresses each employee’s technological or administrative difficulty by submitting a case or ticket, having it assigned to the right employee, and resolving on time. Issue tracking software helps centralize employees’ queries, track open issues, track team productivity, prioritize the most important questions, and identify the most common problem areas from the summary of the nature of ticket requests.

Internal Blog and Videos

For small companies who cannot afford to stage regular live trainings or inter-office meet-ups, the use of internal blogs and videos would suffice. People are more enticed with visual and infographic content, therefore, when you start to capitalize on them among your intranet, you are going to get more traction and engagement from your employees.

Creating training videos, regular video messages from top-level managers, behind-the-scenes footage from fieldwork, posting motivational photo quotes, and inspiring content that are accessible to the whole company are likely to increase interest and excitement among employees.

What makes blogs one of the most effective business communication solutions is its continuity and longevity. Once your company launches it, it will always be there as long as content is fed.

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