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Connecting with Customers with the Help of the Email Newsletter Software

In business, everything is in a state of constant change. If you want to keep up with the competition, you must keep up with the changes, too. One of the tools you will need is effective email newsletter software.

Every business needs to connect with customers: to stay in contact, to engage them and to keep them. As such, our organization needs to continually inform and update customers about new products and services, promotions, added features and other value-adding initiatives. The best way to get the word out there is through the use of email newsletters, which you can send to a lot of people with the use of email newsletter software.

Why an Email Newsletter?

A newsletter is a proven marketing tool to stay in contact with existing customers while attracting new ones. Some would argue that you can do this with your company website and your blog, but while the website and the blog requires customers and guests to actively seek you out, newsletters work by putting your company and your brand out there, reaching existing and potential customers right in their inbox. Between the passive website/blog and the active email newsletter, which would you choose?

Newsletters work on the premise of permission marketing: you offer would-be subscribers something special in return for their email address. This way, you can market yourself without being intrusive. They did tell you where to reach them, right? The beauty of newsletters is readers can always opt out or unsubscribe if they believe you do not have anything more substantial to offer them. Additionally, newsletters benefit you through the following:

1. Increased awareness of your brand. What are your offerings? Your newsletter will give them great insights on what your products are for, or how helpful your services are. Your newsletter, if put together well, will tell a story that will make readers realize that they have a need that your brand can fulfill. Plus, if your readers like your newsletter, they can pass it on to friends and family ,spreading awareness of what you offer.

2. Brand differentiation. Newsletters serve as a great means of positioning your brand. They give customers – especially new ones – insights on what makes your organization and your brand a cut above the rest.

3. More business. Through your newsletter, you would be able to present your other offerings to your current clients. Because you are merely presenting them, you don’t come off as too pushy as you would if you were doing traditional marketing. Your newsletter also serves as a tool for connecting with your old customers; even if they are done doing business with you, your way of constantly updating them with what’s new will most likely guarantee that they would buy from you again.

4. More information. If crafted well, newsletters do more than just advertise and market your brand; instead, they educate. Everyone loves to learn something new, and through your newsletter. You would be able to demonstrate your expertise in the industry and the field you specialize in.

5. Better website traffic. Your newsletter can serve as a way to generate more traffic to your website or your blog. You can include links in your newsletter, which your readers can click and even share through social media. This creates more exposure and better visibility for your brand.

6. Added value. Through your newsletter you can provide your readers discounts, freebies and promotions that will entice them to buy from you. Through well written content, you can even provide value that would create loyal customers and brand ambassadors out of your readers.

You can accomplish all these and more by creating great content for your newsletter. However, content is not enough. Make sure to invest in an effective email newsletter software that will help you manage mass emailing to get you high readership rates. Leveraging the newsletter is one of the best marketing activities you can do for your company, so go ahead and do it. You can thank us later.

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