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Corporate Communications Strategies

The main job of a corporate communications office is to ensure that there is a smooth flow and exchange of information within the work place. It is also the department’s responsibility that the company is able to send the message it wants to convey out to its clients and customers. This is why it is important for this department to constantly come up with effective corporate communications strategies that will make their jobs easier. These strategies first start off with improving the company’s internal communications, the employer-to-employee and employees-to-employees relationships. It is because only through coordination will a work place achieve a common goal.

Corporate communication offices have gone through modernization. Gone were the days when they just settle with face-to-face communication like meetings because it takes more time and effort from the employees. It lessens productivity, too, as employees have to leave their work to attend meetings which will only talk about reminders, schedules and a few change in instructions. It also adds costs to the employers, considering the use of electricity, venues and for food expenses, too. Now that technology has been constantly evolving, it has led corporate communication offices a leeway to be more creative with their corporate communications strategies.

Poor strategies: The road to failure

Why important is it to be as creative and as innovative as ever when it comes to these strategies? It’s pretty simple. Work cannot be done without open communication among employees. A company is a team and all employees, from department heads to personnel, play a key role in closing out that goal. This is why if there is no coordination within the team, task completion can be pretty messy.

What will happen if the company fails to implement excellent corporate communication strategies?

  1. Incompletion of tasks. If there is no constant coordination among different departments, there is tendency for one to overlook one task and assume that the other department is doing at already. If departments don’t communicate with each other, they won’t be on the same page on the job and one can get way too ahead while the other can be way too delayed. A team works together and therefore all departments should take every step together. What one department lacks, the other fills in. That is how a team player should work.
  2. Overlapping of tasks. Miscommunication can also be a reason for overlapping of tasks. If one is uninformed, he can take all tasks without knowing that it had already been completed by another. This will be a waste of time and effort. Clearly designating work and coordinating tasks are part of implementing efficient corporate communications strategies.
  3. Rumor-mongering. To keep a healthy working environment, there should be a venue for employees to air their feedbacks and questions. No one should be left uninformed about crucial information and updates about the company they are working in. They should always feel involved and in-the-know. This will also help control the spread of buzz and unofficial information in the work place.
  4. Uninformed opinion. Employees should be the first to know about their products and services. They should not what the company offers, what it is capable of and what it is aiming to achieve. This is why it is important for the corporate communications office to always send product information, company brochures, company promotional materials and company photos and videos that can enlighten employees about the importance of their job and the excellence their company is capable of.
  5. Additional costs. At the end of it all, if there is no effective communication among employees, there will be waste of time and effort. This will affect the team’s outputs as it lessens productivity. It will, therefore, reflect on the company’s sales. How the team relates to all its members affects how they do the work. This will definitely affect how the company fares in the market. Corporate communication strategies may be simple by the ear but it is huge in terms of delivering revenues to the company.

Now, corporate communications departments have been taking advantage of technology through desktop alert system. DeskAlerts is one of the leading solutions provider on internal communications among companies and have around 700 clients all around the globe. Deskalerts allows corporate communications departments to control the flow of information in a workplace through sending desktop notifications, desktop tickers, emails and SMS alerts.

This notification system allows the central administrator to control who gets the messages, how many times will it be sent and on what time and where. It also controls how the administrator sends crucial messages because the font color and the font style can be adjusted to emphasize urgency.

With the help of DeskAlerts, improving corporate communications strategies is now easier. No apps to download and no additional costs to carry. Those interested just has to subrscribe then use the web-based platform for more open communication.

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