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Corporate Notification System: Boosting Internal Communication and Workforce Productivity

A corporate notification system is a significant part of any growing business. Through it, the line of communication between the management and the workforce is maintained and encouraged. A good software coupled with the right implementation and utilization is bound to boost internal communication, which converts to better productivity.

Though a corporate notification system may not be very crucial in small enterprises. However, the bigger the business is growing, the more it needs an efficient internal communication system that saves time, effort and money.


The importance of a Good Internal Communication System

Many business experts have emphasized time and again that proper internal communication is integral to the growth of any business organization.

According to Forbes contributor Robert Sher, not having a proper internal communication plan – such as the presence of a corporate notification system and other communication software – could sometimes be the culprit in the downfall of midsized firms.

“As companies grow to midsized (generally regarded as $10 million to $1 billion in revenues), work is compartmentalized, employees are housed in many locations, reporting structures are developed that separate people, and ongoing projects are multiplied to the point that the natural flow of communication ceases,” Sher wrote in an article.

“Without good communication, leaders make decisions in a vacuum,” the Forbes contributor added. “Crucial input is missing. The people who must execute the decision haven’t been asked for input and consequently haven’t bought in. Their potential resistance and slowed or poor execution all harm results.”

The Risks of Not Having an Internal Communication Plan

Some enterprises may not pay enough attention to its communication system, let alone purchase a software such as a corporate notification system to make internal dialogue a lot easier.

This could be a big mistake. Many business owners could be surprised at how the lack of a proper internal communication plan could cause major set backs in the company.

A poor internal communication plan can result in various problems including, but not limited to:

Doubt towards the company. When dealing with problems, be it financial, legal, or a public relations crisis, it could be easy for a company to fix its public image first before taking the time to explain the company's whereabouts to its employees. However, this is a mistake that must be avoided. Lack of information nurtures doubt, and doubt could result in distrust. Employees must trust the company they are working for, in order to be effective in their jobs.

Under-motivated employees. If the company fails to regularly reach out to the employees, it may run the risk of having an under-motivated workforce. Employees must feel that they are important to the company and that the enterprise is thinking of their welfare. If not, then the workforce would never go the extra mile for the company. They would do what is expected of them, but nothing more. And in order for a business to be on its best shape, every one in the team must have utmost concern for the company – not just its leaders.

Unhealthy gossip. Lack of proper information breeds unhealthy gossip. And oftentimes, office gossip does not remain inside the office. If there is internal gossip about the company's whereabouts, chances are, employees would talk about it or at least mention it to their friends and family members. It would only take a short time for the gossip to reach consumers, who could then start to think twice about a company's reputation.

Thus, a proper corporate notification system is needed for a growing business to further prosper and for the management to be able to take care well of its most important asset – its people.

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