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Benefits of a Corporate Wallpaper

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:17:47 PM

While a corporate wallpaper doesn’t appear to have too much of a significance when it comes to the daily operations of a company or organization, it is actually a useful tool to remind employees regarding upcoming events, promote company values with them, update them on company news, and even to stimulate them through motivational and celebratory messages.

The following are some of the other benefits of using a corporate wallpaper:

A corporate wallpaper will help achieve a more professional look across the entire company. 

Most companies that utilize corporate wallpapers usually have their logos as the desktop wallpapers of their employees. This not only gives the workplace a more consistent feel and aesthetic, it also gives it a more professional look – especially when clients visit the space.

A standard corporate wallpaper also does away with employees using inappropriate wallpapers on their monitors, such as wallpapers that feature naked or scantily clad women or quotations that do not exude professionalism.

Organizational initiatives can be promoted through the utilization of a corporate wallpaper. 

Companies used to hand out brochures and pamphlets, as well as post promotional materials around the office, in order to promote organizational initiatives. However, now organizations are now looking to corporate wallpapers as a new and more efficient way to relay their initiatives.

For example, the logo for a new community program that the company has just launched can be used as the standard corporate wallpaper. By doing this, employees become more familiar with the new program and are able to relay and promote this to clients.

A corporate wallpaper can be used to update employees regarding changes and developments within the business or organization. 

Taking on the form of a simplified corporate newsletter, a corporate background can be used as a platform to communicate any updates or developments currently occurring or expected to occur within the organization.

Numerous workplaces use corporate wallpapers as a medium wherein information is shared. Updates and news regarding latest financial figures, current and new products and services can be fused into one image or corporate desktop wallpaper.

Messages and information are condensed in a single image, therefore, corporate wallpapers make communication across different departments and branches easier and quicker. They are especially useful and effective for companies with busy and hectic work schedules because it enables the company to communicate more effectively with employees who don’t have enough time to go through a newsletter or read their email.

A corporate wallpaper can be used to remind employees of upcoming and important activities and events. 

Reminders regarding important activities and events are flashed on the screens of employees. While some companies use screensavers to let their employees in on the details of upcoming events, some organizations prefer to use corporate wallpapers so that reminders do not go away and are not forgotten.

Corporate wallpaper ensure that employees and management are reminded of the upcoming activity or event every time they log in to their computers. This significantly increases the likelihood that employees do not forget it, and consequently, increases the likelihood that more staff members will attend.

A corporate wallpaper can help promote a company’s mission, vision and values. 

While a corporate wallpaper doesn’t seem all that significant to some, it actually helps espouse and reinforce the mission, vision and values of a company or organization. A corporate wallpaper is one the most effective tools to use when promoting what the company stands for and believes in.

The task of designing images which can be used as corporate wallpapers is usually designated to the corporate communication team. The said images should highlight the values of the company and serve as a constant reminder to employees that the said values should be lived up to and promoted.

While there is no real harm if employees use default desktop images or other safe wallpaper backgrounds such as those downloaded online or photos of their families and loved ones, companies do miss out on the significant effect of using corporate wallpapers.

Corporate wallpapers are useful tools when it comes to promoting the company’s brand and image, as well as when it comes to communicating effectively with employees and management.

The medium is simple and straightforward, but the overall effect it can have on productivity, efficiency and adherence to what the company stands for is significant. Strengthen your company brand and image through the use of a corporate desktop background.

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