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Creating Employee-Centric Newsletters

While most companies are aware that happy employees are typically productive employees, keeping them inspired and motivated can be challenging. One of the most effective ways to do so is to create a company internal newsletter.

When done correctly, company newsletters don’t only keep employees in the loop regarding policies, activities, offerings and other important information about the company and its staff, they also strengthen the message and values of the organization and creates a sense of belonging amongst staff members. And by “done correctly”, what is meant is that newsletters should be centred on what employees want, on what they are interested in, and on what is relevant to them. Make sure that the content of your newsletter is what employees are looking forward to reading.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when creating a company internal newsletter that is centred on the staff members of a company:

1. Don’t preach.

Your company internal newsletter isn’t the platform you take to promote an agenda. It is not a propaganda piece, and neither is it a tool you use to preach your own thoughts and ideas. Your newsletter is not the channel you use to lecture or threaten staff members you feel are underperforming or not working hard.

Don’t use the buzzwords and technical language you typically utilize in press releases or corporate announcements. Instead, keep the tone light, positive and conversational. Remember that if done correctly, your newsletter can motivate, inspire and boost employee morale and engagement.

2. Put the spotlight on employees.

It’s not about you – it’s about them. The company internal newsletter should be about the employees and what they care about and are interested in. What is important to remember is to put yourself in the shoes of those who work for you, or if possible, get employees to work on the newsletters with you so you get a better idea of what they really want.

While you can certainly include product launches and such in the newsletter, make sure that the kind of news you present impact employees and the roles they have in the company.

One particular feature that employees like reading about are articles that highlight their achievements and the successes of their peers. Mention employees who have achieved success or have been promoted, or even spotlight their lives outside of the office in order to foster stronger personal connections amongst the workforce.

3. Keep it simple, short and concise.

When creating a company internal newsletter, remember that you don’t want to bore your audience, but you wouldn’t want to distract them from being productive either. Do keep in mind that you employees have work to do and that majority of their days at work are busy and hectic, so you need to keep articles simple, short and concise.

Remember to also use simple words and sentences instead of hifalutin language. You need your employees to understand you in order for you to get your message across. Make sure that everyone comprehends what you are trying to say.

4. Be consistent.

From the tone you use in your articles, to the content you feature, to the design of your newsletter, make sure your company internal newsletter is consistent. This not only makes your newsletter look familiar at all times, it also allows employees to look forward to their favorite features and easily flip through each section.

The newsletter is meant to be a feel-good platform. Don’t overwhelm your staff members with company news. Remember that in as much as it is used to educate your employees, its purpose is to entertain and to get them engaged.

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