DeskAlerts Network Messaging in Advertising and Marketing

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 8:25:32 AM

The DeskAlerts Network Messaging Software provides the perfect solution for companies operating in the fields of Advertising and Marketing. Use this newest technology not to get outdone by your competitors.

Many individuals feel that advertising and marketing are two critical components where the survival of any type of business is concerned. Communication using network messaging is an important aspect to survival when it comes to keeping all concerned parties on board or on the same page for a product or project. This is due to the direct relationship between the different departments of a corporation, their advertising department, and their marketing infrastructure. This is especially true where customer service, sales and upper management are concerned.

Many companies today spend an incredible number of hours producing consumer products, while at the same time refining certain processes of their business. Failing to communicate with the consumer or not marketing the corporation correctly greatly decreases the ability of the company to be successful. Every large corporation today has advertising and marketing departments, while many smaller companies do not have the resources for this. Therefore, a great deal of success hinges on the effectiveness and efficiency of these departments.

Use Network Messaging to Maximize Marketing Campaigns

sales communication channel

The way in which a corporation conveys important messages between the different departments and the individuals working in them is through effective communication venues. DeskAlerts Network Messaging enables advertising and marketing departments to interact effectively with other employees to filter knowledge of new products throughout the company and build product awareness.

This directly affects the sales and customer service departments as well because it helps them to learn everything possible about a product. The result is that the corporation increases their market share, sales and profitability. The implementation of DeskAlerts’ network messaging system can benefit an entire company in numerous ways, and doing so is going to have a hugely positive impact on the relationship between the advertising and marketing departments and the rest of the company.

DeskAlerts: Innovative Channels for Effective and Timely Communication

Whether it is business issues, company news, or upcoming product releases, DeskAlerts network messaging is one of the most effective ways of keeping individuals in the company informed and on the same page. Employees today are inundated with e-mail messages, phone calls and time-consuming meetings that pull them away from their focus and primary responsibilities. High-quality network messaging eliminates many of these inconveniences by effectively delivering important information in a timely manner.

DeskAlerts accomplishes this by using a number of channels for getting the message out to every appropriate employee. In the case of advertising and marketing departments, this is extremely important since sales employees must have a great deal of knowledge about the products that they are selling. DeskAlerts network messaging provides more innovative channels for delivering the many aspects of advertising and marketing campaigns while at the same time involving customer service, sales and support personnel in these activities.

DeskAlerts: How Message Delivery Works

Basically, DeskAlerts’ network messaging applications allow the advertising and marketing departments to deliver messages via desktop monitor screens with a wide range of attention-grabbing channels. This includes desktop alerts, employee discussion forums, interactive screensavers, pop-up surveys and scrolling product news feeds.

DeskAlerts: Network Messaging Builds Anticipation by Creating Interest

video internal communication tool

Prior to launching a new product or service, key messages and product information needs to be delivered to the appropriate company employees and staff members of the organization. The use of screensavers in the network messaging process helps to accomplish this by incorporating animated screens to ensure that these messages are delivered cost-effectively and efficiently. This increases employee awareness and ensures that all employees are very familiar with all advertising and marketing campaigns.

What Separates DeskAlerts’ Network Messaging from the Competition?

DeskAlerts is a totally web-based network messaging solution that can deliver messages in numerous content formats, such as:

  • Graphics
  • .pdf documents
  • Rich text format
  • .swf flash presentations
  • Video

DeskAlerts network messaging is an unobtrusive application that uses centralized data storage, internal hosting within the company network, and prominent alerts to get the message out and keep everyone focused on the mission at hand. DeskAlerts network messaging is the only solution that effectively and efficiently works in diverse geographical and technical networks.

The DeskAlerts network messaging system is easy to administer and requires no end-user training. The corporation can send desktop alerts, e-mails and SMS to numerous locations throughout the company all at the same time if desired. Finally, DeskAlerts network messaging can send these alerts across active directories or eDirectories, other corporate employees connected through the internet or company networks, and LAN or WAN.


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