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Four Tips to Make Marketing Newsletters More Engaging

Do you wish subscriptions to your marketing newsletter would pick up? Are you not getting the right numbers in terms of lead generation? Maybe it’s time to re-design your newsletter and give it a new look.

Sometimes, it’s not only about the content of your newsletter. It’s also about the design. You may have the best software for newsletters at your disposal, but it will go to waste if you don’t have any idea on how to re-design your newsletter. Fortunately for you, here are some tips to get you started:

1. Make your newsletter easier to scan.

By now you may have known that the attention span of Internet readers is so short. At best, your reader will spend less than 10 seconds to scan through your newsletter. They won’t read your stories word for word. Instead, they’ll scan through your content and look for something interesting.

Thus, you should avoid writing long and text-heavy articles. Structure your newsletter in a way that people will be drawn into reading them. With the use of the best software for newsletters, make your newsletter interesting by following the inverted pyramid formula.

In the inverted pyramid formula, the first part of the newsletter features a succinct headline captures the interest of the reader, followed by a key message in the middle part and then ending with a call to action in the bottom.

This formula works well for campaigns with a single message and call to action. For example, your company has just launched a new product. Think of an interesting headline, then create a key message in the center of the page, and then end it with a call to action.

2. Use more images and icons.

Again, the aim here is to be more visually appealing to your readers. Revamp your image gallery and look online for stock photo sites where you can get not-so-cheesy images. Some of the good stock photo sites are Gratisography that offers free, downloadable images; Unsplash that features beautiful photos submitted by different photographers from around the world; and IMCreator.

3. Re-design your footer.

Most designers tend to overlook the footer of a newsletter as they focus more on the header. But the footer is as important as the header because it gives the design a more complete, well-rounded feel. It is also the place where the reader goes to in hopes of finding your contact details.

In case you’re not getting enough subscriptions, one potential reason is that the readers may not be finding the footer attractive at all. Add a link that allows them to subscribe or unsubscribe, or share the newsletter or parts of it with friends via social media or email.

4. Encourage feedback.

The old newsletters were one-way pieces of communication that were designed to simply relay information to its target market. However, online newsletters should encourage two-way conversations. Digital newsletters should be designed for people to get involved. Ask for feedback, introduce a competition, or offer promos via the newsletter.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to get your message across to the target readers. But even if you use the best software for newsletter, not optimizing your campaigns can lead you to miss out on important clicks, sales, and revenues for your business.

So before you send out your next issue, sit down with your team and discuss how to improve the look and feel of your marketing newsletter. Maximize the use of the best software for newsletter and apply the four tips mentioned earlier to get better results for your business.

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