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How to Make Internal Company Newsletter Interesting to Your Employees

Are you part of a company’s corporate communication team? Do you feel that your corporate newsletter needs a reboot? Have you run out of ideas for your internal company newsletter?

It’s normal to feel that you’ve run out of ideas for your internal newsletter. After all, doing the same thing over and over again can exhaust your creative juices. The fact that you have to come out with a newsletter regularly may also contribute to that fatigue.


Fortunately, there are still lots of things that you may not have tried and which could make your internal company newsletter interesting again. Here are some tips that you may find useful in your bid to make your newsletter appealing to your colleagues and the rest of the organization again:

1. Put the spotlight on employees with significant achievements

An internal newsletter’s main audience is the employees themselves—not your customers or other stakeholders. As such, it would only be wise and practical to put the spotlight on the rank and file. One way to do so is to create a profile sections where you can highlight the accomplishment of employees who have contributed much to the company.

You can work with the human resources group for this section. Perhaps they may have recently given an award to the longest-tenured employee in the company. That’s one good subject to talk about. Or check with the sales department which employee has been the best in the past year. He or she will appreciate being the topic of the profile section.

This section not only appeals to employees because their colleagues are put on the spotlight. It also gives well-deserved recognition to featured employees. Moreover, it can help set an example for the other staff to follow.

2. Focus on health and wellness

You can give your company’s health and wellness program a boost by featuring health-related articles. Eventually, your efforts can help in reducing the number of sick leaves taken by employees and promote the well-being of the entire workforce.

You can feature tips like how to properly lift packages to avoid back pain. You can also teach your colleagues how to avoid common ailments like cough and colds. Or you can feature your company’s health and wellness program itself.

3. Feature a department or branch

Do you have numerous departments in your office? Do you have multiple branches outside the company headquarters? Then why don’t you feature them in your internal company newsletter?

If the firm you are working for has multiple locations across the country or even the world, it is likely that employees in the head office have little knowledge of their colleagues deployed in those locations. By featuring departments and branches, you can help your colleagues become more familiarized with the other staff deployed outside of the head office.

Write about the department, division, or branch. Explain what these units do, and how they contribute to the achievement of corporate goals. More importantly, feature a lot of photos. Employees will naturally be interested to see photos of their colleagues they’ve talked to over the phone or communicated through email but have never seen in person.

4. Talk about employee volunteerism

You’ll be surprised at the number of employees who are engaged in volunteer programs outside the office. Some of them may be spending their weekends teaching out-of- school youth. Others may be involved in socio-civic programs. Featuring them in the internal company newsletter not only gives them recognition for their generous contributions, but also in a way shows the organization’s gratitude for representing the company well.

These four tips should help your internal company newsletter more engaging to your colleagues again.

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