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Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:19:39 PM

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Get the right information to the right user at the right time

If you provide any web services, paid services in Internet DeskAlerts might be really helpful tool in your business.

DeskAlerts is a one-way, completely web-based notification system that helps you with global service alerts. Deliver any relevant and important information, reminders or tips right to the users desktops.

Deliver any urgent information effectively and your users will really appreciate it.
It could be trading signals; learning video; on-line courses, conferences; theoretical evidence; etc.
Who owns the information - owns the WORLD!

Full control over delivery

  • DeskAlerts allows create and manage users; and from time to time limit users receiving rights. This would be really helpful when you provide subscription with fees. Once subscription is over just disable that user until he won't prolong it.
  • Only one authorized person may receive data from one account, with no chance of duplication.

Give your customers the right of choice

  • Use DeskAlerts to notify customers about new discounts or sales.
  • Allow your users sign up to receive newsletters, RSS they specified. Increase users loyalty.

Get an instant feedback

  • With DeskAlerts you may create and send instant surveys and get results within minutes. Unlike email, DeskAlerts surveys pop up immediately and cannot be skipped, therefore all customers will deliver instant feedback.

Reinforce branding messages

  • DeskAlerts keeps your brand fresh in customers' minds by reaching them at strategic intervals with branded messages.
  • Better than email, DeskAlerts delivers high impact, personalized notifications directly to your customers with a 100% delivery guarantee.

Improve your service, increase customers loyalty. All is possible with DeskAlerts! 

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