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How Desktop Weather Alerts Can Benefit Employees

Climate change is upon us, and it is affecting our lives in a way that many experts failed to predict. Weather disturbances, for one, have become so frequent and intense that many countries around the world are being battered by storms and hurricanes. According to the 2014 National Climate Assessment of the US Global Change Research Program, category 4 and 5 hurricanes have become more frequent and intense since the ‘80s. What is clear is that climate change won’t help in fixing this dilemma moving forward.

Desktop weather alerts

With the weather becoming more and more unpredictable, it is only practical for companies to invest in desktop weather alerts. This is a type of communication tool that allows management, particularly the human resource management group, to advise its employees about an impending weather disturbance. With the use of a desktop weather alerts system, it is now easier to ensure the safety of workers in any office or business setting.

Weather alerts can inform workers right away of imminent weather disturbances such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, hail, ice, and snow. Through this program, office-based employees will immediately know that there are strong winds or flooding outside. By informing their workers of the situation outside the office, management can protect the lives of their most important assets.


There are different ways by which management can alert their employees about impending weather disturbances. Desktop weather alerts aren’t only restricted to a ticker that appears in the desktop PC screen. Alerts can also be coursed through other channels such as mobile phones, email, and even social media.

For most office-based workers, weather alerts displayed on their PC screens are very much ideal. There are plenty of reasons why desktop alerts are suited to employees in an office setting. For one, it is less intrusive. Workers can still continue with whatever work they have on their computers, like replying to emails or writing a Word document. But the tickers won’t be unnoticed because the alerts are flashed from time to time.

Weather alerts can also be flashed as corporate screensavers. This is more suited during instances when the weather disturbance has become so intense, that employees have to be told about it right away. Compared to desktop ticker, weather alerts presented as corporate screensavers will be retained on the screens of employees. The recipients of the message will then be informed of the urgent weather report, like a storm heading to the area where the office is located.

During emergency situations like hurricanes or floods, weather alerts can be set into locked screen alerts. Thus the message will be read by the employees, even if their desktops are locked or on screensaver.

Weather alerts aren’t only confined in the computers of employees. These can also be configured so that advisories are sent to the mobile devices of workers, especially those who are in the field. Alerts are delivered as SMS alerts for the benefit of employees without access to computer or the Internet.

Weather alerts don’t have to be sent on the day when a storm is to pass through an area. Companies can also deliver weather alerts days before a hurricane or typhoon arrive. Employees will be reminded of what to do and not to do during a weather disturbance.

Finally, weather alerts can also be posted on the social media accounts of a company, like its Twitter handle or Facebook page. Through these alerts even clients who follow the social media accounts of a company will be informed of a brewing storm, so to speak.

Indeed, desktop weather alerts are changing the way companies communicate with their workers during emergency situations. It would be wise for any firm to invest in such type of program.

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