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Enhancing Communication Through Digital Signage

In recent years, there has been an increase in digital signage solutions providers delivering enticing displays which are powered by technologies that are also responsible for LCD panels and plasma screens. This platform allows for the compression of large files, which are then displayed on thousands of sites simultaneously through high-speed internet access.

In as much as digital signage solutions enhances customer experience, they can also be utilized to connect and engage employees. Not only can digital signage be used to communicate with employees, adopting this platform maximizes productivity, boosts morale and camaraderie and enhances employee motivation.

Digital signage solutions

Some companies deem digital signage as a costly expense, but the benefits to be reaped are plenty. Digital signage can boost employee engagement, and engaged employees, in turn, increase their productivity by 20-25 percent in organizations, leading to a potential of around $1.3 trillion revenue per year.

Here are some content ideas that can be displayed on digital signage in the workplace:

  1. Project updates and timelines, as well as incentivized sales targets
  2. Social events and activities for employees
  3. Inspirational quotes and company achievements to motivate and boost morale
  4. Information about the company
  5. Live weather and news feed
  6. New products and offerings
  7. Reminders

So how exactly does digital signage enhance a company’s internal communications plan?

1. Digital signage grabs the attention of employees.

With so much information coming from different platforms, how do you make certain that employees get exposed to and actually get enticed to pay attention to what you want to communicate? Simple. Display the message in the most obvious, most visually appealing way possible.

Improving communication isn’t only about writing tons of content, it’s about actually getting read. And what more effective way is there but to actually display the message where it will be seen.

DeskAlerts’ digital signage solutions are made up of Corporate Screensaver and Corporate Wallpaper products which can be utilized to publish messages and reminders, as well as announcements and notifications.

2. May initially cost a significant amount, but is cheaper in the long run

Not only is digital signage an environmentally friendly internal communications strategy, it is more effective than bulletin boards, printed materials and emails. Also, because it is less costly in the long run, you can utilize it as much as you can, especially when it comes to delivering urgent news and notifications that require quick responses.

Aside from its utilization in the workplace, digital signage can also be used in other environments. The beauty of digital signage is its ability to engage any audience – whether it be in a public or private setting.

Here are some other practical uses of digital signage:

  1. Educational institutions can use the technology to announce school events and functions, upcoming activities, holiday breaks, and class schedules.
  2. Restaurants can use digital signage to promote the specials of the day, or ongoing promos
  3. Financial institutions and banks can use it to educate both employees and customers on current and new products and services.
  4. Manufacturing facilities and warehouses can utilize it to inform staff members about events and news related to their industry, as well as educate them about safety measures they can take in cases of emergencies.
  5. Clothing retailers can opt for the technology to display their fashion shows or videos of models wearing their clothing.
  6. Real estate developers can display digital signage in showrooms to show how condominium units are intended to look after building construction finishes.
  7. Even toilets can feature digital signage that is utilized to advertise products and services.
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