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Does Your Emergency Mass Notification System Have these Features?

You need an emergency mass notification system – no doubt about it. So you start assessing different vendors that come to you and the kind of system each vendor offers. But let’s face it – you do not have a lot of time to go through all kinds of propositions from different providers, so you need to narrow down your choice. To do this, you must ask yourself questions like: Which kind of features does your organization need? How will the emergency mass notification system help make communication in your company better? Here are some features that you might want to look for as you choose a system for your organization:

1. Effective Monitoring. This is the first thing you need to look for in a notification system. The monitoring feature is essential to any emergency mass notification system because it is what will bring up your awareness about the happenings in and around your organization – whether it is about your inventory levels, the latest data trends, your employees or even outside threats. Through proper and effective monitoring, you will be able to prepare for whatever emergency that can strike. Of course, you will be using the same notification system to communicate the emergency to all the members of your organization through different channels, including SMS, voice, email, social app, corporate screensavers or even digital signage.

2. Template Feature. What’s in a template? The capability to create pre-built messages that you can send out to the appropriate audience at any given time. If your organization is suddenly thrust into an emergency situation, there is a critical piece of information that needs to be delivered, or you simply are in a hurry, then you need message templates that you can quickly edit and send out in a few clicks. Who says communication during emergencies is slow and difficult? With this functionality, you will be able to make the complex process of communicating important information quick and simple.

3. Group Creation. Your notification system must have the capability to create groups, which serve as your lifeline especially during critical times and emergencies. The group creation functionality allows you to strategically divide your audience into different segments – by department, by location, by function or by any other kind of group relevant to the way you prefer to cascade information – before disasters strike, so that you can securely reach any of these segments at the shortest time possible.

4. Emergency Notification Mobile Application. These days, everyone is on the go – including yourself and your employees. This is why your emergency mass notification system must come with a mobile application that will allow you to communicate with your staff wherever you are. Disasters come at the most unexpected times, so there is no guarantee you will be within the company premises when something urgent happens. With a mobile app, you will be able to notify your people with important information, whether you are out surveying the field, or at a dinner meeting with a client.

5. Survey Capability. Another valuable tool you need to have in your emergency mass communication system is the survey feature. Surveys allow you to gather information from your employees and staff, so you could make the best decisions. Surveys not only give you your people’s feedback about certain policies or about how the business is run; they also help you connect with and interact with your staff better. Surveys are not only used to learn about the engagement levels of your employees, or how satisfied they are with the company. They could also be used for assigning different tasks and shifts through polling, marketing and promoting product campaigns, and determining the safety of employees during emergency situations. 

Improve your internal communication and emergency alerting with a feature-rich emergency notification system that includes the above-mentioned capabilities. By getting the most innovative notification system available, you can ensure better gains for your business.

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