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Effective and Powerful Employee Engagement Strategies

It’s one thing for employees to go to work every day simply because they need to earn a living, it’s another thing for them to want to go to work because they are engaged with the company they are working for. Employee engagement is about being emotionally attached and committed to the company one is working for. It simply isn’t about having to go to work, it is about wanting to go to work.

However, nowadays, employees are less and less engaged to the company they work for. As a matter of fact, many employees quit their jobs after two years because they simply feel uninspired by the company or the job they do.

In order to lessen the number of uninspired employees who want to quit their jobs, here are some of the more effective and powerful ideas for employee engagement that businesses can opt for:

1. Let the company live its purpose, and communicate it.

Today’s employee already knows what he’s supposed to do at work, but he or she wants to know why he or she is doing it. In order to find purpose in one’s work, the company’s mission and vision should be clear and definite. Employers need to communicate and emphasize the purpose of the company on a regular basis. When the company stands and lives by its purpose, staff members are able to do the same. And once employees know why they are doing what they do, it’s so much easier to actually do what they need to do.

2. Have a health and wellness program in place.

Having a health and wellness program sends the message to employees that their overall physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being is important to the company. They are important to the company.

Also, several scientific studies have shown that among different ideas for employment engagement, health and wellness programs are some of the most effective. They don’t only alleviate job stress and yield higher productivity, these two changes bring about a decrease in the number of people quitting.

3. Letting in employees on “inside” information.

This is one of the most effective ideas for employee engagement as it gets staff members more committed and involved. Knowing and being kept up to date about the things going on in the company will make employees feel like they belong and that they are part of the circle of trust.

4. Acknowledge and celebrate successes.

When a team member is able to reach a goal at work, acknowledge his or her success and claim it as a win for your department or even for the whole company. Celebrate it by going out for drinks or even going on an outing with the rest of the team.

5. Make sure to implement a work-life balance amongst team members.

While some companies are simply concerned about getting the job done, placing an emphasis on work-life balance helps employees stay mentally and physically fit, it is also one of the most powerful ideas for employee engagement. Allowing them to either have more flexible hours or to take time off for familial duties will make them more productive at work when they are in the office.

6. Create a dynamic and open work environment.

Open lines of communication between yourself and your staff members. Initiate weekly meetings to keep up to date with how work is progressing, and ask employees if they lack resources or if they have ideas regarding work processes and projects. Creating a dynamic work environment will then lead to not only a more productive workforce, but a more motivated and engaged one.

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