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How to Create an Engagement Action Plan

When companies try to come up with ideas for employee engagement, they do so because these strategies help produce positive results for organizations.

But while businesses seek to promote employee engagement, according to Gallup, a mere 32 percent of workers in the United States and only 13 percent of employees around the world feel engaged to their jobs and companies. This has led managers and leaders to integrate surveys into their communications plans to measure and assess employee engagement in the organizations.

Why Measuring Engagement Isn’t Enough 

Unfortunately, employee engagement around the world and across different industries have been at a standstill for the last decade, although organizations are fully aware that a passionate and dedicated workforce will benefit them.

The reason why employee engagement has been stagnant is that simply employing surveys and gathering information won’t change anything. While concocting ideas for employee engagement, the fact remains that simply measuring how engaged and inspired your employees are to their work and the company isn’t enough. What a lot of companies fail to do is to follow up on these measurements. What is lacking is turning studied information into actionable results.

How to Create an Engagement Action Plan 

Enhancing and promoting employee engagement can be a massive feat; however, through the utilization of an engagement action plan, ideas for employee engagement can be put into effect, while the following aspects of the business are given full focus:

  1. Productivity
  2. Profitability
  3. Quality of work
  4. Customer satisfaction and engagement

In order to truly come up with ideas for employee engagement which lead to results that are truly tangible, keep the following in mind:

1. Strategy is key

While a lot of managers and team leaders are excellent strategists when it comes to development and growth, a lot of them tend to put employee engagement in the backburner. This can be resolved by integrating your employee engagement strategies with other priorities and plans within the organization. Make sure that while you do this, lines of communication between you and your staff members are open, so that they will know what their role is in the success of the organization’s plans, as well as the business as a whole.

2. Consistency and long-term work

Remember that employee engagement isn’t an overnight, one-time project. It requires long-term effort and work. After establishing your main goal in your employee engagement action plan, make sure that everyone keeps it in mind. Distribute surveys every so often and keep tabs on whether or not people are still on the same page.

3. Don’t quit

A gigantic obstacle to employing ideas for employee engagement is the fact that some members of management may go against them, especially if these strategies impact resources and timelines. While your plan may cause a momentary inconvenience to the organization, remind leaders that employee engagement will lead to positive outcomes for the company in the long run. While you may have to make compromises along the way, make sure to keep your priorities the same.

4. Keep focused

As you try to implement change in the workplace, you have to make sure to constantly communicate your efforts to management and staff members. Always make sure to focus on the fact that the changes that occur are related to your goals, and never forget to remind everyone that each person’s contribution is valued.

Business and work environments change. Company culture evolves. Employees come and employees go. However, no matter the change, remember to hold on and continue your engagement plan to make sure it also evolves along with the organization.

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