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Emergency Alerts: Best Way to Protect Your Students

Aside from providing the best education, parents would want to enrol their children in a university that promises to protect the welfare of the students. They would look for a university that will not only make their children globally competitive but at the same time well-protected from any kinds of disasters, crimes or accidents. The school is the students’ second home, and the best their parents could do is to entrust the future of their kids to an educational institution that will look after them while they are away. Therefore, you, as an educator, should prioritize the students’ safety, too.

No matter how you try to avoid it, a lot of things can happen within the university. No matter how you put in all effort to run the school smoothly, there will always be dangers posed on the safety of your students. However, you and your school administration can always prepare for risks that can happen, just like subscribing to an emergency notification system for all the students and the staff.

What is an emergency notification system?

An emergency notification system is a solution provided by DeskAlerts that can be used by the school administration to monitor and take control of emergency situations in schools and universities. Through this notification system, the school administration can send in emergency alerts in different employee workstations and school computers from across the campus. These emergency alerts can be pre-set and customized through an application installation. Every computer or gadget connected to the system will be notified once an alert comes in, although alerts can also be customized to specific audiences only for privacy concerns. Henry Ford Community College in Miami, Salem State University in Boston, and the University of Southampton in UK are just a few universities that have been long-time clients by DeskAlerts.

In what circumstances can you maximize sending emergency alerts?

Your school employees can be pretty busy at work, holding classes in their rooms or out on the field, performing activities with the students. The students, meanwhile, can be too focused with their lectures or extra-curricular activities on a school day.

However, through DeskAlerts’ emergency notification system, you can reach them should emergency situations like these happen:

  • Natural disasters. Should weather bulletins announce about an upcoming typhoon, hurricanes or should there be threats of floods, you can immediately send emergency alerts such as blow-by-blow weather updates and instructions or reminders on safety measures during disasters. Should the situation escalate quickly, you can also immediately send orders of evacuation straight to the desktops of your students and employees.On ordinary days when there are no risks, you can still make use of the system by sending what-to-do’s and what-not-to-do’s to prepare the university of emergency cases. Hotline numbers can be sent from time to time to as part of information dissemination.
  • Crimes. Any kind of crime should never happen in universities, of course, but just in case something happens, you can immediately let the students and the employees know through emergency alerts. You can post orders to vacate the premises, stay indoors, or whatever they have to do, you can send it to everybody all at the same time.
  • Accidents. It will be easier for the school departments to communicate with each other should there be an accident inside the campus. A quick desktop alert to the school’s Medics will save time and effort, thus the team can act faster and attend to the one in need. It is easier to locate employees who are concerned in such accidents such as the professor, the school administrator and the school doctor.

DeskAlerts’ emergency notification system works in such a way that it allows you to reach out to the school employees and the students even if they are on a computer or not.

  • Desktop Alerts. Desktop alert comes in pop up windows and stays on the screens until the message has been acknowledged. It sometimes comes as desktop screensaver where it stays on the screen and interrupts whatever work the student or the staff is doing. It can also come as a desktop ticker where snippets of messages crawl below the screen so as not to disrupt work.
  • Email notifications. It comes as a normal email message although its color, font, or size can be customized for better emphasis.
  • SMS alerts. These alerts go straight to the student or to the employee’s mobile phone to make sure that even if they are away from their computer, they can still get the emergency notification.

DeskAlerts is the perfect software to ensure the safety of the entire university. Information dissemination and emergency monitoring are made easier with DeskAlerts’ emergency notification system, making sure that no one person in the university that is left uninformed, especially during emergency situations.

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