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Four Best Practices in Employee Communications That Companies Should Adapt

The importance of employee communication can’t be over-emphasized. Employees have been called a company’s biggest asset, and more often than not, it is not just a simple case of lip service.

Employees are a company’s conduit to clients and to the outside world. If they understand a company’s objectives, they can serve as its best ambassadors. Employees, too, can contribute much to the success of an organization by fulfilling their roles to the hilt.

That said, many companies are on the lookout for ways to improve employee communications. They could start by implementing the following employee communications best practices:

Encouraging the use of social media

Social media was once thought of as counterproductive. But companies who understand the strengths of social media and its potential as a powerful communication tool do encourage the use of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites in the workplace.

These companies know that blocking Facebook, Twitter, and others in the workplace is a futile exercise. They may not even realize that studies have shown that employees who can access their social media accounts at work are, in fact, productive.

One study conducted by experts at the University of Melbourne found that staff members who can log in to their social media accounts at work are more productive than those in companies that block access. The study said that employees who can use social media at work are up to 9 percent more accomplished than their counterparts.

Instead of blocking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, companies can encourage their employees to share photos of themselves working and tagging the official company page. This can improve employee engagement and morale.

Sharing industry news and information to everyone

Employee should be treated as not just part of a company but also part of an industry. As such, they should be apprised on the latest industry news and trends. HR and corporate communication teams should share news, market trends, opinion pieces and other related information with the rest of the staff.

This way, the employees will feel as though they are contributing to something bigger. They’ll also feel like they’re agents of change, which can further motivate them to excel at work. This is one of the employee communications best practices that firms should implement.

Avoiding communication overload

While employees appreciate being kept in the loop by the management, sometimes too much communication can also turn them off. These days, the best companies in terms of employee communications employ the “less is more” approach. They keep things simple, brief, and direct to the point.

One way companies can do this is by sending the right information at the right time. For example, communication teams can remind their employees about a certain organization goal or vision by using desktop alert systems. A brief and concise statement about the said goal will appear on the desktop computers of employees, so they will be reminded about accomplishing their roles that can lead to the fulfillment of said corporate goal.

Using videos as a communication tool

The widespread use of videos like audiovisual presentations and video chats is another one of the employee communications best practices that companies should start adapting.

More and more companies are realizing the potential of videos as a communication tool. Videos are seen as an effective channel that aids comprehension, especially in communicating complex ideas to the rest of the organization. Communication departments are producing “how-to” videos to assist their employees in understanding a new company policy or strategy.

Meanwhile, the use of live streaming video and video chat can make sharing of company-wide information faster and more efficient.

These are just four employee communications best practices today that corporate communicators and HR practitioners may want to adapt in their respective companies to further enhance employee engagement and boost morale of the personnel.

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