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Five Collaborative Office Communication Software You Need

The workplace is all about team work and cooperation. A successful organization is one that not only hopes for employee engagement and collaboration, but is one that encourages and promotes these two values.

In order to encourage and promote both engagement and collaboration, organizations look into communication strategies that set the stage for making these two values occur, such as meetings, company activities which occur both inside and outside the office, and others. Aside from these activities, some of the most important tools that should be utilized are office communication software to promote engagement and collaboration.

Here are five of the best collaborative office communication software you need in your organization:

1. Intranet

One of the best office communication software an organization can utilize, the intranet is a private portal that all employees have access to. Through this private portal, staff members are able to access information regarding company news and updates, company policies, frequently asked questions about offerings, and others. The intranet can also include downloadable forms and resources such as leave of absence forms or an employee handbook.

The beauty of the intranet is that it can also be used as a collaborative communication tool. Employees can post questions and other staff members can send their own ideas and thoughts on the said queries. Employees are able to interact with each other through the portal, which, in turn, promotes employee engagement and collaboration.

2. Instant messengers

A lot of us use instant messengers in our personal lives. In this day and age, instant messengers are also proving to be one of the best office communication software out there.

Through this communication tool, managers and staff members can interact with each other without having to leave their desks. They can send out reminders and updates through this tool with the option of sending out the said messages to the whole team or particular individuals within the team. Also, the great thing about instant messengers is that you can also send documents, videos, images and audio files through them.

3. Email Newsletters

A company newsletter has long been a staple in many organizations. It continues to be one of the most utilized communication tools in the workplace because it successfully engages the workforce, while allowing for staff members to have a voice.

Its digital counterpart, the email newsletter, is considered to be one of the best collaborative office communication software. Aside from its efficiency and effectivity as a communication tool, it allows for instant feedback from employees upon receipt and reading, and it opens up opportunities to employees to be part of the said publication or at least give their thoughts on what they believe should be added to its features.

4. Online work boards and applications

Some organizations still utilize the traditional whiteboard to note down all the projects they need to work on during a certain period of time. On the other hand, online work boards and applications go a step further when it comes to organizing projects and tasks.

Through these collaborative office communication software, managers and team members are able to keep track of projects as well as the tasks of each member of the group. Deadlines are set for each project and task, and team members are made aware and reminded of what they and their workmates need to accomplish and finish by a particular date.

5. Employee calendars

While online work boards feature timelines for projects and tasks, employee calendars keeps track of vacation times, shift schedules and hours worked. Employee calendars are important as they inform you of when employees are available to do the tasks you need them to do.

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