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Improving Your Internal Communication Strategy

As a businessman, you’d want to hear about what your customers have to say. As a market leader, you’d want to hear what your associates have to say. However, as an employer, it is important for you to also hear what you employees have to say. Running a good business indicated by sales growth is just one part of the game. Running an office indicated by your people’s career growth is just another. It is not only enough that you make sure your employees are doing their jobs. It is more important to know if they are doing well, if they are satisfied with the salaries and benefits you give them, if they are happy working in your company, and if they see career growth in their current jobs.

internal communication strategy

This is why it is important to incorporate employees’ feedback in your internal communication strategy. Most communication strategies among companies have focused on flow of work-related information and have failed to dwell on employee’s welfare. This is now the challenge for employers like you to communicate more with your staff and to know more about their thoughts about the company. Through effective internal communication strategy, you can assign your human resource department to come up with tools on how to engage your employees more on sending feedback, questions and suggestions to improve work dynamics.

DeskAlerts Has It for You

DeskAlerts takes pride in providing solutions for internal communication strategy among businesses. It offers desk alert notification systems that make use of desktop alerts, email notifications, SMS alerts, newsfeed solutions, active directory integration, emergency notification system, corporate wallpapers and screensavers, among others. However, one particular feature it offers if the employee feedback, which gives the opportunity to employers and heads to know what their employees down the line think about policies, measures and other work-related matters.

Here are some features of DeskAlerts that you can manage to get to know your employees better:

  • Employee Surveys. The DeskAlerts Employee Survey tool can create different surveys that can use multiple-answer, open-answer or conditional questions. All surveys can be published to all desktops connected or to a specified audience depending on your preference. The survey will then pop out on the screens of your employee’s desktops. You may choose whether it will interrupt the work and will flash on the screen for a little long through the desktop or screensaver wallpaper or you may send it as a ticker, where in short notifications will appear on the bottom of the screens to not interrupt whatever your staff is working on.
    What’s good about the survey tool is that you can pre-set the delivery schedule and its recurrence. You can also trace down the delivery report through the survey’s statistics tool. You may also pre-set the survey with your confirmation terms, when the survey won’t disappear on the screens unless answered. This way, you get to make sure all surveys are sent back in just a few minutes.
  • Virtual Dropboxes. Sometimes, employees hesitate on sending their feedbacks and concerns through the Feedback Box in the office because of fear that others may see them drop their letters. Through virtual drop boxes, they can send their concerns and suggestions anonymously online and wouldn’t have to worry that others will see them. This gives them the confidence to air their sides, and this gives you, as the employer, an easier way to read and attend to their concerns.
  • Desktop Quizzes. You might also want to check how well your employees know about your company and about the products and services you offer. In DeskAlerts’ Desktop quiz tool, you can build random quizzes about the company to be sent out to your employee’s desktops. Through this, you get to gauge their investment in the company and know what more to improve on information dissemination within the work force.
  • Real-time Conferences. As an employer, you are busy overseeing the entire operations of the company and you have no time to meet everybody in your staff. You can’t go out your way if you need to know something from your people. Through DeskAlerts’ real-time conferences, you can set up an online conference on specific audience, say, your department heads, even if you are out of the office. You get to monitor your staff even if you are away. This saves you time and effort especially if you are a hands-on employer.

Improving internal communication strategy has never been easier now with DeskAlerts. All tools used have undergone research in effective communication at work and are sure to be effective in bridging the gap between the employers, the department heads, the staff, and all the rank and file workers. If there is an open communication between the boss and the staff, work dynamics will surely lead to success in business.

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