Tips on Creating an Internal Communication Plan

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:18:02 PM

Having an internal communication plan in place not only strengthens the professional relationships of employers and employees, it also allows organizations to fully access the distinct and valuable talent, skills, ideas and insights of its staff members. This ability goes beyond merely profit gain, effective internal communication creates a work environment consisting of happy, engaged, confident and productive leaders and employees.

An internal communication plan may be challenging to create, but when results lead to the success of the organization, all efforts become worth it.

Internal communication plan

Here are some effective communication tips companies can integrate into their plan:

1. Include company-wide open forums and conversations

Create occasions and opportunities for employees to exchange insights and ideas, share experiences and information, and ask questions. While some companies may opt to create workshops, seminars and even areas in the workplace wherein free flowing conversations about work culture and processes, others continue conversation through email, instant messaging and seamless collaboration with other team members and even other departments through an online employee portal.

Prompt employees to converse with each other. Empower them to seek answers from their fellow workmates, and this, will allow them to further strengthen their relationships with each other.

2. Set a budget for your internal communications plan

While communication skills can’t be bought, the resources needed to develop them usually come with a cost. In order for a plan to be effective, all costs should be taken into account, and a budget must be made available.

When evaluating how much money you need to push through with your internal communications strategy, evaluate your need to improve employee morale and employee engagement. Ponder on how effective your strategy will more likely be; after all, the more likely a strategy will work, the better you’ll feel about investing your money on it.

Some of the things you need to take into account and consider when deciding on whether or not you want to spend on a plan are costs of employee turnover, presence or lack of employee engagement, lost revenue and decreased productivity due to miscommunication, and employees’ understanding of the goals and values of the company.

3. Measure the effectivity and impact of your internal communications plan on your staff members

There are three ways of reviewing and evaluating the effectivity and impact of your plan, namely:

  • Analyzing any changes in the productivity of employees, as well as sales and profit.
  • Developing and conducting employee engagement surveys to determine how satisfied, fulfilled and happy staff members are with their jobs and company.
  • Take a look at and review the staff retention rates of the business.

Should the results from these evaluations show that there have been improvements since the internal communications plan was employed, businesses should then be even more open to developing new programs to further support the people who work for the organization.

4. In order to create change, leverage leadership

The leaders of the company are supposed to be the people whom employees look up to and feel encouraged by. While personnel who are committed to their work can mentor and guide new hires and younger staff members, directors and team managers have to be proactive when it comes to collaborating with them and backing them up.

A plan can only be truly effective if it is laid out properly by those leading the company. When leaders are able to express their concern for their employees and guide them through difficulties and challenges in the workplace, staff members feel more empowered, inspired and motivated to do the best job they can do.

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