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Keep Your Employees Safe with a Mobile Alert App

One of the most indispensable tools companies need today is the mobile alert app. Not only does this tool keep your staff members up to date with important and relevant news, it also keeps them safe when unforeseeable and unpredictable events occur. These events can range anywhere from fires, earthquakes, building hazards, typhoons, and even shootings and terrorist attacks.

emergency notification system

Here are the following ways a mobile alert app is able to keep your employees safe as possible:

1. Emergency reporting is easy

With a mobile alert app, emergency reporting is extremely easy. Management, the IT department or communications department can immediately launch messages when incidents occur. Upon the delivery of these messages, staff members immediately find out about the incident so that they can act right away to keep themselves and others safe.

In order to expedite reporting, most companies will opt to already have templates for particular incidents and events so that they can immediately send them off with one push of the button. Templated messages can also be customized and altered to create messages that are more specific and delve more into the particulars of the events that occur.

2. Critical alerts are sent out immediately

The sooner messages are sent, the sooner employees can look for ways to keep themselves safe. When incidents and calamities occur, time is of the essence. Time in these occasions can mean life or death. A mobile alert app allows for critical alerts to be sent out immediately, allowing people who are working at the site of the incident to respond right away.

3. Alert attachments can be viewed in an effort to provide further useful information about the incident

The more people know about the incident that is occurring, the better they are able to come up with appropriate decisions. When alerts are sent out, attachments in the form of video and photos can also be added so that staff members are fully informed of the intensity of the situation and what needs to be done in order to keep themselves and others safe.

4. First responders are immediately alerted

Aside from immediately alerting employees regarding what is going on in the workplace, first responders are also sent the said alert messages. First responders include policemen, firemen, paramedics and others. Remember that the sooner first responders are informed, the sooner they can get to the scene. When first responders are able to get to the scene quickly, the more likely they are able to lessen the intensity of a given situation.

5. Employees are given instructions on how to keep themselves safe

Aside from informing staff members on what is going on, they are also given instructions on how to keep themselves safe. They may be given instructions on where to go, where to hide or where to exit. They may also be provided a guide on how to react when it comes to dealing with the situation at hand.

Remember that it is extremely important to do drills or practice emergency situations before they occur so that your employees are more prepared to deal with incidents when they happen. Do not wait until incidents occur to actually inform employees on the proper protocol to take.

6. Staff members are given updates regarding the status of a situation

Aside from the initial alert message sent to their mobile devices, management should also make sure that employees are given updates regarding the status of the situation they are in. This is so that staff members know what to do at the present moment given what they have and given what is occurring.

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