Leveraging Your Text Alert System to Improve Internal Communication

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 12:21:31 PM

Text alerts are, undoubtedly, a very good way of getting in touch with customers. Through an effective and efficient text alert system, you would be able to increase your brand’s visibility while informing your customers about new products, product upgrades, and special offers and discounts. And because text alerts have a higher open and read rate compared to email, the text alert system has become one of the best ways of marketing a product or service, bringing in many customers and increasing sales and revenue.

Your text alert system can also be used to enhance the way you communicate with your staff, especially now that your workforce has become mobile. How do you make the most out of your text alert system to improve communication within your organization? Here are some tips:

1. Using text alerts to send reminders. Do you have upcoming meetings or conferences you want to remind the participants about? Use your text alert system and never worry again about notifying your members. Yes, you might have informed everyone early in the month about the meeting, but there is just so much going on at work that it’s easy to forget meetings. Plus, if you need to call everyone for an urgent meeting, you can expect a higher attendance if you have made the announcement through text alerts.

2. Emergency notification through text alerts. Got an emergency you need to notify your employees about? Use text alerts. People have their phones with them 24/7, so the best way of informing your staff about urgent situations is through their mobile phones. Whether you need to tell everyone about a bomb threat or a scheduled outage, your text alert system, together with other notification channels, will surely keep everyone safe and in the know.

3. Sending survey links through SMS alerts. Surveys are very important in the running of a business. Getting feedback from your employees enables you to plan better initiatives, especially when it comes to employee satisfaction and engagement, which can greatly affect efficiency, productivity and revenue. However, informing your employees about new surveys through email is not that effective anymore, as no one seems to be reading emails as religiously as they are supposed to. You will have a higher survey turn out by informing your employees about the survey through SMS.

4. SMS polling. If you need to involve your employees about making decisions such as where to hold the annual summer outing or about the theme for your next company anniversary, you can easily get everyone’s opinion by using SMS polls. Through these polls, your staff would be able to vote between given options, making it easy for you to get that company party in order. Your text alert system could even be set to automatically send the responses to your email so you could tally the answers easily.

5. Recruiting internal employees for new vacant positions. Many companies prefer getting internal employees for recently vacated positions because internal employees already know the culture of the company, so they do not have to make that much of an adjustment – they just need to learn the ropes about the new position. You can inform your employees about vacant positions they can apply to, through SMS. Instead of sending company-wide emails about new posts, you can instead have them opt-in to a text alert service that will automatically send them alerts whenever there is a new opening.

Probably the best use you can have for your text alert system is for continuously connecting with your mobile workers. If you need to immediately reach your employees on the field, SMS alerts is the best way to go.

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