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Never Miss Emails Again with Email Alert Software

Email is a godsend, a tool that has made a big positive impact on communication, especially in the workplace. Easy to use and non-intrusive, email allows for more flexibility in responding to messages. Unlike phone calls and face-to-face meetings, emails do not require immediate response, decreasing work interruption that can affect worker efficiency and productivity.

The Problem with Emails 

The email is considered a great communication tool, all right, but with the introduction of many other communication trends, people’s appreciation for the email has gone down, due to the following reasons:

1. Email overload. Everyone has experienced email burnout – what with the number of messages a person receives in a single day. There are memos, reminders, chatty conversations, issue reports and what-have-you, all in a single person’s inbox. The natural reaction of any sane person is to ignore emails and concentrate on his work instead, because he feels he is just wasting time wading through the sea of emails that may or may not have an effect on his daily tasks.

2. Communication gaps. People have emotions, so they can take emails in a way that is different from the sender’s intention. Messages can be misinterpreted and taken the wrong way, causing conflicts and issues that could get blown out of proportion.

Email Notification Software: Email’s Saving Grace 

The email may have become unpopular, but there is still no denying its usefulness in transmitting urgent messages that can create a big impact on daily operations. But important as email is, employees just could not spend the entire day watching their inbox for vital information and pressing issues.

Fortunately, employees can receive notifications about new mails through the email alert software, an application that gives employees notifications whenever an email comes in.

This software works to give you alerts on your software, much like the notifications you get on your phone when someone sends you an email, a text message or tags you on your social media accounts. This way, even if you are working on something and are not able to check your inbox, you will still be notified of incoming mail.

Email notification software also allows you to customize your alerts to go seamlessly with the rest of your desktop. You can configure its settings and choose which format best works for you.

Email alert software enables you to display what the email is about so you can quickly scan it to see if the message is urgent or it is something you can read later. Moreover, the application makes it possible for you to not shuffle between windows, with its pop-up feature that presents the mail to you even when you are working on something.

Having a meeting or a presentation? You can mute your alert so you don’t get those pop-ups while you are presenting slides using your computer.

Other Email Alert Software Functions 

Aside from alerting you of new emails, the software serves you through the following functions:

1. Survey Feedback. Surveys are an important tool in running an organization, helping you see how your employees think and feel regarding policies and other business matters. But most surveys happen online due to time; you can configure your email notification software to alert you every time someone answers the survey.

You can also send survey questions to customers and get notifications and get notification when they answer the survey. The software also lets you configure the recipients of the notification, say to a certain employee or department.

2. Classification of emails. Some software allow you to classify your emails depending on the sender. If the email, for example, comes from the CEO, then it will be classified as high priority.

3. Network monitoring. Notification software for emails also helps the IT department monitor the network through alerts. When someone changes a program, accesses an application or reports an issue, the IT team will be notified.

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