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What Are the Most Effective Office Communication Software Today?

Today’s employees are a lot more fortunate to office personnel three decades ago, who had to work with typewriters instead of computers.

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Communication then was difficult, unlike today when leaders can get to their staff in a matter of seconds thanks to the use of the following office communication software:

1. Video conferencing

Video conferencing software has become as ubiquitous as e-mail in companies that have remote workers. It is considered a more practical solution than say, telephone conference because people can get to see each other. Live product demonstration, for example, can be done even with two or more parties miles away, as long as they have video conferencing facilities.

Video conferencing has afforded companies with a lot of benefits, like reduced travel costs. Now, employees don’t have to travel to get to the corporate headquarters just to make a presentation before the top brass.

2. Desktop alert system

One of the most effective office communication software is the desktop alert system. While e-mail remains widely used in the corporate setting, it has its limitations that are adequately addressed by desktop alert systems.

Important messages that the management would like to deliver to its employees can be relayed through pop-up alerts. Messages ranging from emergency alerts during fire and terrorist attacks, activity reminders, and IT advisory can be delivered straight to the desktop computers of employees. Personnel will not miss out on important messages when their computers are installed with this effective office communication software.

3. Product Management tool

Product management tools facilitate collaboration within the workplace. It can be used across all aspects of business operations, with employees able to track resources, allocate tasks, share files, schedule activities, create and share contacts, track sales, among others. Everything that workers do with the product management software is instantly shareable across the entire network. There are even programs that come with a mobile app to promote easier and more consistent collaboration.

With a product management tool, it becomes easier for employees to access and share information about the products offered or services rendered by the company. This in turn translates to greater efficiency and improved profits on the part of the organization.

4. Private social network

Think of it as Facebook for corporations. Private social network programs connect employees, supervisors, and top executives, promoting clearer communication and pushing for advanced knowledge sharing. It can also allow everyone in the organization to share files and collaborate with each other.

In many instances, this type of office communication software also works as a central file location. Documents, comments, and other files can be shared across all units, and content can be easily searched.

5. Instant messaging systems

Instant messaging systems are another type of office communication software widely used in today’s corporate setting. It serves as support to email, allowing employees to communicate with each other quickly and seamlessly. Unlike in email which is often used as a channel for more formal communication like in transmitting memos to the rest of the organization, instant messaging platforms are a more informal communication medium. Employees can also quickly get to each other when using this platform.

These are just five of the most widely tapped office communication programs in the corporate world today. Companies are deploying these types of software due to their perceived benefits like promoting collaboration between employees, and fast delivery of messages. Employees, meanwhile, can be more empowered by using these programs and this in turn improves their productivity. Management should be wise and practical enough to invest in these types of office communication software given their many benefits.

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