The Benefits of Instant Messaging In the Workplace

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:43:05 PM

There are very few things as important in the workplace as communication that has been proven to be effective. And one of the most effective office communication software it seems is instant messaging, which is now being used as widely in the corporate world as it is in one’s personal life. Not only have instant messaging platforms proving to be good supports to traditional modes of communication, they are also even able to replace some forms of communication as well.

instant messaging

The great thing about instant messaging is that it is almost as instantaneous as telephone conversations and features the record-keeping capability of email messaging. While face-to-face interaction and meetings are, of course, still beneficial, instant messaging makes communication more convenient and accessible even if those you need to communicate with are a desk away or a country away.

Here are some benefits to this vital office communication software:

1. It aids in connecting staff members who are in off-site locations

There will be occasions wherein some team members will be on the field, while others will be stationed in the office. Even if this is the case, this office communication software continues to provide seamless communication between those on the field and in the workplace. It is extremely important that colleagues, managers and staff members continue to communicate and feel connected. Not only will instant messaging allow the work staff to communicate through words, they are also able to share and archive files within the chats.

2. It allows for group communication

Instant messaging allows for both private messaging and group chats. These two options are highly advantageous, depending on the kind of communication you want to get into.

Through private messaging, you are able to chat with only those who you choose to communicate with. This is particularly important if the message you want to relay is private and confidential. On the other hand, group chats are particularly useful when it comes to informing everyone on the team about important information such as deadlines, tasks assigned to each one, new company policies and programs, and others.

3. It supports and complements other forms of communication

This type of office communication software is particularly useful if you want to utilize it to complement and support another form of communication. For example, if you are on a call with a client and need additional information regarding a product or service, you can silently use instant messaging to ask others about the information you need without interrupting the call you are having. While multitasking can certainly require skill and practice, being on several chat groups is certainly less disruptive than taking multiple calls at once.

4. It saves on space and overhead costs

Instant messaging is a much cheaper alternative to long-distance phone calls, especially for businesses that see themselves having to constantly communicate with international clients. Many of the instant messaging platforms out there are free to use, or at the very least, free to try.

5. It promotes employee engagement

Colleagues, managers and team members who have open lines of communication are more likely to be engaged in the work they do, the company they work for, and the team they work with. This type of office communication software promotes constant, more informal and friendlier communication, which can result in more productivity and creativity.

6. It breaks down barriers

In today’s corporate world, it is not unusual for organizations to have both onshore and offshore employees. Instant messaging breaks barriers because it enables work staff either onshore or offshore to understand each other much better despite the possibility of either having strong accents. Communication done through this office communication software is more likely more understandable than verbal communication.

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