The Benefits of Using Mobile Alert Apps in the Workplace

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:46:18 PM

In today’s corporate world, speed is everything. Organizations always try to find ways to create new offerings and deliver services and products in the shortest amount of time possible. The same is true for communication in the workplace – messages have to be delivered quickly and instantly. This need has consequently made the mobile alert app an important communication tool in the workplace today.

mobile alert apps

The mobile alert app can be utilized in various ways, and doing so will help businesses increase their sales and profits, as well as promote their offerings. Management can also share important and urgent information with other staff members through this communication tool.

Here are some of the benefits of using this very vital communication tool in the corporate setting:

1. Urgent messages are sent instantly

This feature of the mobile alert app is particularly important as it allows companies to immediately notify their employees when impending disasters and calamities occur such as earthquakes, storms and hurricanes. So even if employees do not have access to a computer, they will be able to get the urgent messages from management on their mobile devices.

Whether they own an Android or Apple device, staff members are able to receive important messages. Those who have no internet connection will also be sent these urgent messages through text or SMS.

2. A company can use this tool to grow

A mobile alert app can be used as marketing platform, especially for companies who want to either increase mileage on their existing offerings or promote new products or services.

For example, companies can send out information regarding new promos to particular customers, so that they can, in turn, receive the notification and potentially purchase the product or employ the services of the company.

Aside from promoting offerings, this tool can also be used by organization to send out special offers, beat off-peak downtime, upsell higher margin products, and let customers know where stores and offices are located as well as their operating hours.

Messages can be customized depending on the profile of potential customers (such as age, gender and purchasing power). Focused marketing campaigns can also be developed and implemented through this very important and practical communication tool.

3. Even non-urgent notifications are sent quickly

Whether or not the notification you want to send out is urgent, you can deliver it to your recipients in the shortest time possible. Messages can range anywhere from new policies, work schedule changes, wellness program information, traffic re-routing, and others. Having information right away will help employees make better decisions, and will help them be more precise in their roles.

4. An organization can utilize it to generate leads

The mobile alert app can also be used by organizations to generate leads. Previously, companies attracted potential clients by asking them to send a specific keyword via SMS to a particular number. After the message is delivered, potential clients then receive information regarding the company’s existing offerings, and new products and services.

This communication tool also makes it easier for businesses to send out information to others which contain links to their websites, download pages and sign-up forms. Recipients can then either learn more about the company and their offerings, or potentially employ the services of the organization or purchase items the company is selling.

Truly, this tool is vital when it comes to communicating with your workforce and the public. It is particularly powerful due to the fact that majority of recipients own mobile phones which they have at least within arm’s reach at all times.

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