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Surprising Uses of the Ubiquitous Desktop Wallpaper

Too many business owners overlook the potential of the desktop wallpaper as a communication tool. They usually see the computer wallpaper as merely a decorative background. In fact, it is not uncommon to see images such as photos of favorite movie stars, sports icons, and even sports heroes used as the desktop wallpapers in computers in various offices. Not only do these images inappropriate for a corporate setting; these photos are also incorrectly used as the background of a potentially hard-hitting communication tool in the office.

Business owners and corporate decision makers alike should realize that the corporate desktop is more than just a decorative background of a computer screen. It can be a very valuable tool for communicating with the employees. There are many ways in which a corporate desktop wallpaper can be used as a communication channel.

1. Building Better Employee Relationships

The corporate desktop wallpaper can be used as a means to communicate with the employees, and build better employer-employee relationships in the process. Through desktop wallpapers, employers can announce company news, remind employees of important dates, and even send inspirational messages.

In fact, many of the biggest companies in the world have been customizing content of their desktop wallpapers to better communicate with their employees. Whether it’s announcing the company’s net income for the year, or reminding employees about an upcoming corporate activity, the corporate desktop wallpaper is a useful channel for delivering relevant information to the workforce in a timely manner.

By keeping the employees in the loop, so to speak, management can show that it cares for its workforce. Subsequently, better employer-employee relationships will be formed.

2. Improve Employee Engagement

Employers have long known that employee engagement is critical to a company’s success.

A recent survey by TalentKeepers, a company involved in employee engagement and retention research, showed that 82 percent of employers say that that employee engagement is the top priority for them in 2016.

The use of customized corporate desktop wallpaper can also help in improving employee engagement. Corporate values, news, and motivational messages can be highlighted in corporate wallpapers. The fact that a corporate desktop is prominently seen by employees makes the tool very useful in communicating positive messages to the rank-and-file.

Corporate desktop wallpaper can even replace the email as a means to encourage employees to participate in personnel surveys. Unlike email, it is hard to ignore a customized reminder about an upcoming employee engagement survey. There’s no way for the employee to erase the message.

3. Promote internal communication efforts

The corporate wallpaper can also be used as a means to promote the company’s own internal communication efforts. Events like town hall meetings can enjoy more employee participation if these are well-promoted. And the corporate desktop wallpaper provides the perfect channel for promoting these types of events, because employees will always see the message.

4. Promotes a uniform look in the office

Lastly, a corporate screen wallpaper can promote a uniform look in the office. Many companies customize the look of their PC screens, using their logos as the standard corporate desktop background. This makes an office look more corporate and professional. It can also enhance the aesthetics of the workplace.

Customizing corporate desktop wallpapers, however, isn’t as easy as changing the background of a personal PC. It takes a particular type of software to be able to customize corporate wallpapers. Such type of program also allows the IT department to schedule delivery of messages, as well as customize text, images, and colors, amongst others.

With these uses of corporate desktop wallpaper, business owners and leaders should make good use of it as an effective means of communicating with the employees.

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