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The Four Best Employee Communication Practices You Should Use

While employees are at the core of any business, there are some organizations that don’t prioritize employee communication. However, managers have to understand that success can’t be achievable if this aspect of the business is not tended to.

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Remember that employees are what connects the organization to the outside world. If employees are truly engaged in the work they do and the company they work for, they can potentially be the best ambassadors for the business. They are vital contributors to the success of the company.

Knowing this, a lot of businesses are now looking for ways to improve communications with their staff members, and many of them start their strategies by implementing these employee communications best practices:

Promoting the Utilization of Social Media

While social media was frowned on as counterproductive, it is now considered as one of the best employee communications best practices to tap. Businesses now understand the power of the communication platform, and actually encourage their staff members to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites while at work.

Organizations now know that blocking social media sites in the workplace is proving to be futile. Previous research has shown that workers who actually access their social media accounts while at work are actually more productive. As a matter of fact, researchers from the University of Melbourne discovered that staff members who work for companies that allow them access to their social media were more productive than employees who worked in offices that blocked access. Research found that those who were able to use their social media accomplished 9 percent more work than those who were not able to.

So, instead of blocking these sites, organizations instead encourage their staff to share photos of themselves at work and tag the official social media account of the business. Through this exercise, not only do employees feel more engaged with the company, they are also able to promote it to others.

Informing Employees about Industry News 

Another one of the best employee communications best practices businesses can opt for is treating employees as truly valued members of the company as well as the industry as a whole. With this mindset, employees should then be kept up to date with the latest industry news and trends. Both the communications and HR teams should be active when it comes to informing employees about news, opinion pieces, market trends and other information which staff members will find interesting and relevant.

This practice will make staff members feel that they are truly valued, and that they are actually part of something big. This then motivates them to be more active and productive at work.

Prevent Information Overload from Occurring 

Remember that while it is important to keep your employees in the loop regarding news about the company and the industry as a while, too much information can be overwhelming. Take things from the “less is more” method, meaning, keep things simple, straightforward and concise.

You can put this into practice by making sure that you send the right message at the appropriate time. For example, particular goals can be sent to employees through desktop alerts to remind them while they work through the day and accomplish their tasks. Make sure that messages such as this are kept short and easy to understand and digest.

The Use of Videos

Another one of the most current employee communications best practices you can opt for is the utilization of audio-visual presentations and video chats as tools to communicate with your staff members.

A lot of companies are adapting these tools as they not only effectively communicate complex ideas to employees, it also aids in the better understanding of messages. It is common for communication departments to now produce “how-to” videos which help employees understand new policies or strategies within the company.

On the other hand, live streaming video and video chats also help drive information at a much more efficient and faster rate.

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