The lnternal Communication Systems You Should Be Using at Work

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:51:48 PM

When the internal communication system you utilize at work is effective and is focused on improving relationships between staff members, employees become more engaged, feel more motivated and usually become more productive. The tricky part then is opting for the right system for your company. When choosing, not only do you have to take your company culture in consideration, you also have to look into the overall and general character of your employees. What makes the choice even more challenging is the many systems you may opt for, since needs, audiences, and messages will vary.

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But while there may be different communication systems out there that you may opt for, here are some of the best ones that not only open lines of communication, but increase productivity and engagement:

1. Email

This ever-reliable messaging system is easy to use, can be accessed from almost any technological device, and delivers messages in a matter of minutes or even seconds. And the even greater thing about email? You can also send images, videos, audio files, documents and links along with your text. These features make email one of the most commonly used internal communication system in the workplace today.

However, the problem with email is that because it is so widely used, people tend to disregard messages they receive in their inbox, especially if they receive hundreds of messages all at once or they deem your message to be unimportant. Sometimes, messages may even get lost in the endless sea of emails especially if the reader doesn’t have a particularly efficient system to go through them all.

2. Newsletters

Organizations may opt to distribute this internal communication system every week, month, or quarter. Newsletters typically contain updates about the company; news or stories that are related to the industry of the company, the company itself; and features that may be or interest to employees. If newsletters are utilized properly and focus on positively communicating with staff members to make them feel like they belong and that they are valued, these tools have the ability to inspire, motivate and engage like no other.

However, organizations have to be aware that in order for newsletters to be truly effective, they have to be read. There would be no point to them if employees don’t feel compelled to go through their pages. Therefore it is important to understand what staff members truly want and need to learn and read.

3. Chat groups and Instant Messengers

These applications allow employees to feel a sense of belonging, while allowing them opportunities to build and strengthen relationships and collaborate. This is true even across different departments, and among employees who are located in different geographic locations.

Aside from these benefits, chat groups and instant messengers allow for the quicker dissemination of information.

4. Intranet

This internal communication system is the company’s private portal wherein staff members can find information on important news and updates, communicate with other employees, ask questions, and share ideas. And the best thing about the intranet is that it can be utilized as a resource for archived information since whatever is posted on the portal will stay on it and will not get deleted unless the admin deems it appropriate to be removed.

Due to its importance, the intranet should be designed with the employee in mind. It should be easy to access and use, and should not be cluttered. If the portal is difficult to use and is visually unappealing, employees are less likely to use it. If employees don’t utilize it, then it won’t serve its purpose.

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