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Tips to Improve Workplace Communication

Communication in the workplace is vital to the success of any organization and relationship. While personal relationships cannot thrive without good communication, so do professional relationships. As a matter of fact, poor communication in the workplace says a lot about the company as well as the people who work in the business. The longer poor communication plagues an organization, the more likely it is to meet its downfall.

How to improve office communication

Luckily, here are some methods businesses can opt for in order to improve communications at work:

1. Checking in with staff members regularly

Checking up on your employees on a regular basis not only helps update you on the progress on projects, but it also makes workers feel like they are valued enough to be asked about how they are doing. Meet with workers either once a week or every few months and ask their opinion about how tasks are being handled or how they feel about how the company is being ran.

2. Making internal information readily available

The utilization of a social intranet software allows employees to access internal information easily so that they are truly aware of the goings-on in the company they are working for. Methods like this not only improve communications, they also allow employees to feel that they are privy to confidential information in the company, and are therefore considered to be valued members of the organization.

3. Creating an internal language

People who speak the same language typically have an instant rapport, especially when amidst people who speak differently from them. Creating an internal language is a method to improve communications, as well as make employees feel like they belong. This internal language could be anywhere from acronyms or monikers to refer to different projects or aspects of the job, or even made-up words, inside jokes and even company principles.

4. Identifying a common purpose

Identifying a common purpose means both employer and employee are on the same page. This isn’t just a way to improve communications, it helps every member of the team work towards a common goal. With a common purpose and mindset, operations run smoother, and all efforts and resources are directed towards one path. This then makes it easier for the company as a whole to fulfil its core mission, vision and values.

5. Creating a distinct and healthy company culture

Each organization has a distinct company culture. Integrating this into each work day will help workers feel more connected to the company, to their managers, and to each other. This integration can be done by incorporating the company logo into the décor, having monthly socials, creating a social intranet, and others.

While having a distinct company culture is, of course, well and good, also remember to keep this distinction healthy. It is kept healthy by making sure that lines of communication are kept consistent and open. Openness prevents hostility and unnecessary competitiveness between managers and other members of the team.

6. Attending conferences and workshops as a team

Any industry will have its own conferences and workshops throughout the year. Enhance employee engagement and improve communications by attending conferences and workshops as a team. This not only keeps everyone from your team up to date about the goings-on in the industry, attendance will also serve as a bonding activity for your group. This will give you an opportune chance to get to know your staff members outside of the workplace, but still within the context of work.

While some conferences and workshops may cost quite a bit, you can certainly prepare and cut on costs if you research on events you can attend.

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