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Top Five Ideas for Boosting Employee Engagement

It’s not surprising why HR executives and business leaders alike spend so much time and energy researching about employee engagement and finding ways to boost it. Over and over again, studies have proven that high levels of employee engagement can indirectly affect a company’s bottom line. Engaged, happy employees are productive and idea-generating. Simply put, they can help a company achieve whatever goals it has.

employee engagement

If you’re a supervisor or a boss in any firm, you may want to try the following ideas for employee engagement:

1. Themed office days

One of the many reasons why employees aren’t exactly excited reporting to the office is the monotony at work. You can’t blame them. Doing the same job over and over again can be quite tedious. So how do you help kill that feeling and boost employee morale? Perhaps you can come up with themed office days.

This initiative works best for more open-minded companies. You can come up with creative ideas such as Talk like a Pirate day, or No Pants Friday. These ideas can bring a lot of fun in the office that employees will actually look forward to going to work.

2. Celebrate people

Employees naturally want to be recognized for a job well done. They feel more valued when their bosses or the management acknowledge their efforts. Consequently, they will be more motivated to do their jobs well.

However, you should not only recognize people for their work accomplishments. You can also recognize them for any milestones they may have achieved outside work. Greet them for important milestones like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and even the graduation of their children.

3. Post team photos

Once in a while, ask your team to pose in front of the cameras. Or use photos taken during corporate events. You can even snap random photos when people aren’t watching.

Then, have the photos posted in the office bulletin board, or even have them framed around the office. This is one of the best ideas for employee engagement because it can improve work relationships and boost employee engagement.

4. Have fun

When your employees have fun at work, they are more engaged and in a better position to contribute to the entire organization.

One way to have fun at work is to get social. It can also help in fostering personal relationships between workers. Go out once in a while and have some fun with your staff. Conduct team building seminars or outings once a year, or try to have weekend competitions.

You can also make your workplace more fun engaging. By doing so, your employees will enjoy spending time in the office. Collaborative work stations, bright colored walls, massage chairs, and freshly stocked break rooms can all work together in making your office engaging and fun to be at. This is one of the more creative ideas for employee engagement.

5. Encourage volunteerism and charity work

Encouraging volunteerism and charity work can also be considered as one of the best ideas for employee engagement. Employees will take pride in being part of activities that can benefit less-fortunate members of the community.

You can give your workers a couple of days to volunteer for a cause they support. Or you can reward them for making a charitable donation to an organization of their choice.

These are just five ideas that you can try at work to increase the levels of engagement of your workers. There are other things that you can do to make your workers more engaged. Don’t get tired of trying, because a high level of employee engagement will make your organization even more successful.

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