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Using Digital Signage Apps for Better Customer Experience

Today’s customers have become more tech savvy and more discriminating of their choices. This is why businesses have to exert more effort in drawing customers’ attention through various marketing and advertising strategies that are interesting enough to leave a good impression in their minds. One of these strategies involves the use of digital signage, which you can design and put up with a digital signage app.

digital signage

However, a good impression is not al there is to attracting and keeping customers. You must also be able to bring delight to your customers through the following:

1. Knowing your customers. It is not enough to know who your customers are or what your target demographic is. You must also be able to anticipate what they need, and provide these needs before your customers go looking for these needs in another provider. When you know your customers and make accommodations to give them their demands, you make them feel valued, which results in loyalty to your brand.

2. Identifying your customers’ preferences. Aside from knowing your customer base, you must also know when, where and how your customer prefers to do business with you, and making allowances for these preferences.

3. Listening to your customers. You can guarantee the trust and the loyalty of customers when you listen to the feedback they give you, and use this feedback to improve your service.

4. Delighting your customers. By using the information you have gained about your customers, you can now design initiatives that would make doing business a pleasurable experience for the customer. This includes making shopping a breeze by helping the customer in making an informed decision about his purchases.

Improving the Storefront Experience 

Advancements in technology have given rise to smartphones and devices and the increase of online stores, threatening traditional brick-and-mortar stores. It is a good thing that many businesses have adapted omni-channel shopping, where consumers can check a product online from the store’s website and goes to the store where she checks the item personally and decides whether or not she would buy it.

Sure, the brick-and-mortar store still lives, despite earlier fears that online stores are taking all the customers away. But if you are keeping store (and keeping score) you know that you better build a better in-store experience for your customers before they fly next door to a better store.

In order to engage your in-store customers, you need to give them more than just your merchandise and your sales reps. You must also give them z unique experience, which you can do with your digital signage app.

Through a digital signage app, you can transform the way you run your business and serve your customers. Whether in the form of a video wall that displays new offerings and discounts or an interactive kiosk that allows customers to browse related products or place orders for products to be shipped to a certain address, a digital signage app is a must for every store.

An effective digital signage app has the following features:

  • Content Management Feature. This allows for the creation of content that will draw the customers’ interest – images, audio, videos and the like.
  • Integration System. This feature is responsible for the connection and interaction of multiple systems like the omni-channel selling, the POS system, and even social media to create an overall seamless experience.
  • Customer Info Management. This feature refers to the collection and storage of customer data, which is essential in creating a more tailored customer in-store experience.
  • Internet Layer. This feature includes web service and Internet feeds that will fetch the data and information to be supplied to the customer.

Having a digital signage app will not just help you attract customers; it will also help you understand your customers better and give them better services. Ultimately, this will bring in more footfall, improved brand awareness and more sales and revenue.

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