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Internal Communications Plan: Best Way towards Excellent Customer Service

The customer service industry has a delicate nature. To be able to succeed in providing the best customer service, employees must be polite, considerate, understanding and above all, patient. It is the kind of industry where effective communication between the clients is necessary as customer service agents talk to different kinds of people every day. It is expected that clients call customer service to complain or inquire something, and they expect the agents to provide them with a solution as quickly as possible. Therefore, employees should be nice and quick at the same time.

Through a thoroughly executed plan on communications in the workplace, managers can make sure that customer service agents can coordinate with their supervisors and their co-agents as they provide solutions to customers’ concerns. Open communication between managers and employees will provide quicker answers to problems that may arise as agents pick up calls from left and right.

Comcast Tech Support and Dish Network, among the leaders among the customer service providers, have found the best way to improve their communications in the workplace. By subscribing to DeskAlerts, communication among managers and employees have become easier that questions, answers, instructions and other important information related to work are now done even without face-to-face interaction. That seemed to work for offices as hectic as customer service providers, where agents don’t even have the time to get away from their desks because of the large volume of calls they are getting.

What is DeskAlerts?

DeskAlerts is a leading provider of internal communications solutions to different corporations, organizations and institutions that seek to create faster and more efficient communication strategies among its members.

DeskAlerts currently provides excellent strategies on improving communications plan through instant messaging system to more than 700 clients. Its instant messaging system is based on alerts and notifications directly sent to desktops, emails and mobile.

Here’s how customer service providers can take advantage of DeskAlerts’ system on boosting on communications in the workplace:

1. Desktop Notifications

Customer service representatives deal with one customer after the other. This is why when they are confronted with problems while providing solutions to customers, they can’t stand from their desks to ask other employees or superiors. Desktop notifications will enable managers to look after their employees and check whether there are problems with work.

Managers can send general instructions or reminders to all customer service representatives with just one click. DeskAlerts notification system allows them to send these messages straight to their desktops that can easily be seen. These notifications are impossible not to notice because they remain on the screens until they receive acknowledgement. Managers can also send specific instructions to specific people or groups. However, if messages are not that crucial and can wait until the representative gets done with his or her call, managers can still send messages through desktop tickers where messages just crawl at the lower part of the screens.

2. Email notifications

Supervisors can send instructional materials to customer representatives to further enhance their skills in communicating with their clients. More information about the products the company is selling can also be sent straight to their emails as part of strong marketing strategies. This will empower the representatives with knowledge about the company’s latest offerings so they can present it better to clients.

Other important memos concerning changes and shifts in the company, progress reports, evaluation papers and other pertinent files can be attached and sent through email. What’s good about DeskAlerts’ email notification system is that it can attach as many files as possible. Managers can also send the company’s newsletter through email. This will save the company time, effort and money in producing digital newsletters.

3. Mobile Alerts

Supervisors can also send messages to customer service representatives through SMS. This is important during emergency cases. Even if they take a break and they are away from their desktops, it is easy to reach them through SMS. These can be quick alerts like reminders and short instructions that they need to know before they go back to their desks.

During off days, managers can still reach their employees through sending SMS notifications. These messages could be about change of shifts and schedules, emergency meetings and important tasks.SMS alerts are also perfect for random text messages from the bosses to commend the team for their job well done. Sending them short good-job messages will certainly boost their morale as a team will work harder to provide ROI for the company.

Try DeskAlerts’ instant messaging system to level up communications in the workplace. You will be surprised at how big it will help you boost the interest of your employees in knowing their company more and in further improving their job. With better communication between the employer and the employees, customer service representatives will surely do better in providing the highest quality of service to their customers.

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