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DeskAlerts Solutions for Customer Service

"DeskAlerts enables the Information Services department to send quick and informative updates to customers"

Allen Watt

desktop alerts

Improve service and customer satisfaction with instant information

Customer Service is a critical front-line department that deals directly with your customers - usually when they are frustrated and having a problem. How you deal with an upset customer has a huge effect on overall satisfaction and customer retention rates. When there is a problem, long wait times and uninformed call center staff only add to a customer's aggravation.

DeskAlerts is an internal messaging and notification system that helps the customer service department by putting critical information at their fingertips so they can be aware of problems the instant they occur, and have up-to-date information to pass on to your customers. With desktop alerts from DeskAlerts, you can:

Communicate vital information quickly

  • DeskAlerts allows you to get uniform information to all staff at once, without taking them off the phones. The instant there is a problem you can inform the staff and let them know about the progress on the solution - important information they can pass along as customers begin to call and ask for assistance.

Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

  • With the whole staff uniformly knowledgeable about problems and solutions, they can give the customer full and accurate information, and quickly move on to the next call. Good information combined with shorter wait times will increase customer satisfaction, even during a crisis.

DeskAlerts is a fast, effective way to keep the customer service call center staff informed and ready to help your customers.


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