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Why You’re Seeing More Digital Signage Screens in the Office

Chances are that you only saw digital signage screens in the mall showing the poster of the latest Marvel superhero flick. So you were a bit surprised that there are a handful of digital screens installed in your office. It may be a welcome surprise to many of your colleagues, but you may be wondering—are digital signage solutions now really a part of the typical American workplace?

Indeed, we’re seeing another change in the American office set-up. Just like what happened a few years or so ago when high cubicles were displaced by open office layouts, digital signage screens are now becoming a familiar sight in many offices. It’s simply a part of the evolution of the workplace, as shown by other innovations like having a pingpong table right in the middle of the office.


There are several reasons why digital signage is now considered “in” in the workplace. Some of these are:

1. Changing nature of internal communications

As a business practice, internal communications can be traced all the way back to the late 19th century with the publication of an employee newspaper. Like any other business practice it is constantly evolving what with trends such as telecommuting and the rise of virtual teams affecting communication in the workplace.

With digital signage screens, employees can be constantly reminded of upcoming events, or be updated about news such as the latest on the company’s financial performance. Important employee campaigns, such as paper reduction or energy saving initiatives, can also be promoted through digital signage.

2. Need to improve employee engagement

Another key HR concept that has caught the attention of many decision makers is employee engagement. Many studies have shown that employee engagement can increase productivity in the workplace. However, what many business leaders are concerned is the fact that most employees are not engaged at work.

In 2010, Gallup published a report that cited that 70 percent of US workers are not engaged at work. That number has since been lowered to 51 percent as of Gallup’s 2015 report although many HR experts say this is still high. As such, business leaders are constantly searching for different ways to improve employee engagement. In a way the use of digital signage screens can be considered an effective means of doing so.

Aside from being used a communication tool for delivering company information and news, digital signage can also be harnessed for displaying interactive content. These may range from live metrics, social media feed, local weather updates, and acknowledgment or recognition to top performers. Even wishing someone a happy birthday can go a long way towards making employees feel appreciated or valued.

3. Boosting internal marketing

Internal marketing is another business practice that can benefit from the installment of digital signage screens in the workplace. The idea is to turn employees into brand ambassadors; individuals who can help the company promote its products and services to other prospective clients.

Through digital signage solutions, companies can constantly educate their employees on their products and services. In turn, employees will become more familiar with the company they are working for without the need for them to go through extensive training or workshops. Eventually, employees can help the company’s overall marketing and sales efforts.

Indeed, there are many reasons why a lot of companies are using digital signage solutions as part of their employee communications campaigns. So don’t be surprised to see more digital signage screens installed in your workplace particularly the cafeteria or building lobby, given the many benefits that these screens can afford to your company’s communications efforts.

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