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Boost Your Customer Experiences: Use Digital Signage Apps!

Before successfully delivering your message to your target audience, you need to first get their attention. In this digital age, gone were the days where people actually spends 15 minutes of their time to process information on printed posters and bulletin boards. The onset of television, computers and mobile devices has trained us to refer to screens for information.

People want to messages that are instant, reliable, updated and creative. Thus, a digital signage app with clear, concise, real-time and bright animated graphics is the perfect modern approach to draw your audience.

Whatever industry you are in, there is a wide range of powerful and flexible digital signage apps to let you catch the interest of people, especially a large number of audiences.

  • Effective application of digital signage apps in corporations can be the very key to a strategic internal communications solution creating a relevant customer experience. It is a perfect solution for companies or organizations wanting to invest in long-term customer or employee engagement. Companies can set up interactive touchscreens showing local traffic and weather updates to assist employees in planning their commutes. They can set up informative corporate video animations in lobby receptions as well as Flash Presentations in meeting rooms. Digital signages can also be used to recognize organizational and individual achievements as well as welcome messages to new hire employees. With the content key drivers consistently and creatively emphasized, employer branding will be reinforced and all employees will feel part of the bigger picture.
  • Web companies can set up synchronized alerts for geographically diverse networks and work on incorporating content to web pages, social media and other RSS feeds.
  • Healthcare companies can use a digital signage app to display safety benchmarks on corridors, lobbies or show schedules for nurses and doctors throughout the day.

No matter which digital signage app you choose to deliver your message, content created in a concise and appealing manner will not only be distributed in seconds, but also be understood by your audience. Below are some of the tips to create an effective digital signage app that will enhance your customer experiences:

  • Know which custom content you want to display and how often it should be updated. Content is king so make sure your audience will be engaged through incorporating creative multi-media skills to your displays. Perhaps an interactive interface is your ideal visual communication solution? Know the needs of your audience to be able to design the perfect content for your signs. Regardless of the content, an effective digital signage displays real-time feeds to keep screens fresh and your display reliable.
  • Strategize the location of your display. The best thing about digital signages is that they are completely flexible. They can be set displayed for multiple applications in a wide range of environments --from meeting rooms, lobbies campus hallways, or even in digital menu boards in staff canteens. Maximize the use of your display units by identifying high traffic environments such as showrooms, cafes, reception areas and entertainment venues. Get to know the profile of your target audience and understand their specific needs to identify where it is best to put up the engaging signs.
  • Know which app is ideal for your audience and the location. For big venues, a large flat screen is a natural solution to catch the interest of your audience. For reception areas, lobbies or along corridors on the other hand, smaller displays could be more functional. For temporary display kiosks or on the go, you can use a mobile signage app which allows continuous playback and live content streaming through RSS feeds or Wifi. Flash animations can be presented on a tablet or other mobile device, an inexpensive solution for a stationary and temporary signage.
  • Leverage on the power of existing social media. A large percentage of today’s consumers are registered in at least one social media. People carry their mobile devices with them wherever they go and connect to social media for every significant experience. As such, you can strategically incorporate your social media feeds in your displays to increase the impact of your content to audiences. Aside from the additional attraction, the social media in digital signages creates opportunities to engage your target audience to be part of your organization’s culture. It activates customer interactions ultimately enhancing the customer experience.
  • Include a feedback system. Let audiences reach you! Often overlooked, a feedback system is one way to provide a two-way communication system between your organization and your audience. Do you have a customer service hotline? Let your audience know you care about their opinions on your company initiatives, campaigns, recent developments or even your signage! This will help you further improve your content and make relevant decisions based on valuable external feedback.
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